Faliero sarti scarves

Faliero Sarti scarves

Worth it or not worth it? What makes these so special – and why would a sane person spend that sort of money on a faliero sarti scarf?

Seemingly ordinary, but this is heavenly light and delightfully warm. Plan colours are very easy to use for every day luxury.

Seemingly ordinary, but this scarf  is heavenly light and delightfully warm.  Plain colours are very easy to use for every day luxury and -oh – so comfortable….

I very rarely do the sales, but rummaging for scarves is a bit like a treasure hunt. Unlike shoes, scarves always fit...

I very rarely do the sales, but rummaging for scarves is a bit like a treasure hunt. Unlike shoes, scarves always fit…it’s so easy to overbuy,  remember the rules everyone!

Eye wateringly expensive, but one or two can be a worthwhile 'investment'.

Eye wateringly expensive, yet one or two can be a worthwhile ‘investment’, no? In satin silk, the right colour reflects light in ways to make us look divine.


It is true that One tends to avoid the sales. The mess and general disorder really gets to me- plus I tend to think the cream of the collection is already gone. All that’s left is returns and cast offs – generally destined to empty our wallet and become wardrobe orphans.
Over the years though, I have amassed a little collection of faliero sarti scarves- all bought on sale. How on earth did this happen?

Well, full price faliero sarti scarves are expensive – especially the cashmere mix ones that I favour. They drape better than anything else I’ve come across, so literally all you have to do is chuck them on, for a non chalant look.

I’ve never been a fun of Hermes scarves, as much as I admire the colour and the craftsmanship, I do find them a bit ‘1950’s air hostess-ish’. The Queen, rumoured to have an impressive collection, looks majestic in them, but we are not all like Her majesty. I like something a bit more Yasar Arafat- ish what can I say? It’s the rebel in me.

My three golden rules when buying scarves
1. Good colour (something soothing to the eye and flattering for the complexion)
2. Drape. This is non negotiable. Most cheaper scarves do not drape well. Sadly, a lot of expensive ones don’t either. A scarf needs to feel and be fluid – check them out, dance the nine veils in them.
3. Drape (again!) composition is key. I tolerate a little bit of modal, but I like silk, Chiffon, cashmere mix, linen… Get the picture?

There is also a fourth platinum rule, kind of a secret ‘do I already own something similar?’  It’s shocking how often we are all attracted to the same thing,  and buy near identical items over and over again. Is there going to be an imminent scarf famine?

Faliero sarti – almost without fail- fulfil my three golden rules. So I can throw them on and feel divine. Money well spend in my case.

My own collection, all were bought on sale, through luck rather than design. I keep to a strict colour palette, gray or ice blue.

My own collection, all were bought on sale, through luck rather than design. I keep to a strict colour palette, gray or ice blue. Cashmere mix for winter, silk /modal in the summer, though of course that choice, depends on the climate you live in.

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7 thoughts on “investment opportunity: faliero sarti scarves on sale

  1. dottoressa

    I love the ice blue one very much.
    I folowed your advice when last time in London (February),they (F. S.) have beautiful texture,but it was very poor selection of colours and patterns (end of sales? But the prices were not sale prices-checked on internet before-maybe before new collection-and was not sure about modal for this price,so had to rethink. So sorry ,in July the situation would be the same as in Ferbruary,I’m afraid. But am going to visit Fenwick and see. Let’s hope they would have online shop soon).
    I love,love scarfs and prefer colours that add light to my face-yes,I’m the guilty one above, with all shades milk/beige,and one ice blue,too . I am very rarely without scarf ( silk or linen,which doesn’t drape well!,
    in hot summer )

  2. dottoressa

    Part II
    Something happens with my comment above,sorry
    Thank you for the review
    Have a nice week

  3. MINA

    I love FS scarves, they are not very well known outside europe, but as you say they are the best. prices are very high and the ones i want rarely go on sale, so if i saw one id get it.

  4. Antonia

    I am a scarf fanatic almost as much as a handbag fanatic. These are beautiful but I was just checking them out on eBay and the one that I really liked is mostly acrylic and was $250. 😦 I was a little surprised about that. Aritzia has some beautiful natural fiber scarves that appear to have a nice drape (have never seen them in person though) and they are about $60. That said, I enjoyed reading your post LS….always fun to read!! 🙂

    1. MINA

      agreed – as much as i love FS scarves thats too much for the acrylic ones. like Lady Sarah said though they have a good drape.

  5. snobbish shopper

    Call me a snob, but willing to pay for Faliero scarves, even full price and definitely on sale. i have some of their ‘vintage’ range and they are my go to summer scarves. like the poster above i avoid the acrylic.

  6. Jo

    I agree beautiful scarves. Thank you for the post.
    When I was in London a year ago I discovered N.Peal cashmere scarves and the very quaint N.Peal stores. Can you give me some input as to the quality of these scarves? They looked lovely and had wonderful color selection.
    Seeking your input!
    Thank you


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