Lanvin flats sale

Lanvin ballerina flats

These are now on sale – opportunity to invest.

Head of to London now... Just a few pairs are available. These would look amazing with a perfect pair of jeans.

Head off to London now… Just a few pairs are available. These would look amazing with those perfect jeans.

My sister swears by Lanvin flats, beautifully made and well padded. I can only dream since when the goddess of fate was handing out gifts, my sister got the slim ankles and elegant feet. Whilst all I got, was the brains. Life is just so god damn unfair! (You do not need me to tell you who did well out of this arrangement.)

If I did wear ballerina flats, these would be my top choice. More like a glove, rather than a shoe, they paid special attention to the interior sole to achieve supreme comfort. True luxury I tell you! Eye wateringly expensive, but on sale just about manageable. They would make the ideal, every day, quality shoe. I especially like the ones with the bow and the pearls, sort of Chanel homage….

anyone else likes or dislikes  lanvin flats? Would love to hear your views.

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10 thoughts on “investment opportunity: Lanvin ballerina flats on sale

  1. dottoressa

    I know how you feel,dear Lady Sarah,I would be so happy if I could wear ballerina flats again! I miss them so much!
    I hope that your sister likes the deal-and I’m sure that you both have brain and the beauty!
    They are so lovely!

      1. dottoressa

        Walking problems,unsteady,painfull feet….
        From time to time I wear them,for sitting dinners or similar,just for fun

      2. lady sarah in london Post author

        So trainers with arch support for you then. We are lucky they are the cool shoe du jour. 😃 I like a shoe with more support too, but that’s because walking & cycling is my main form of transport. Ballerina flats are not great for distance city walking.

  2. Susan

    Lovely flats and beautifully made. Not particularly made for long walks. Best for casual but elegant occasions. There must be a spot in your wardrobe for a pair of these lovely flats. Susan

  3. Nina2000

    thank you Sarah. These flats look great and very good discount too. I was going to check if they have size on sale, but was wondering if they last to make the ‘investment’ worthwhile.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank for the comment dear Nina- I don’t know how well they hold up, like Susan said, they are not designed for pounding city pavements, but they are beautifully made. Perhaps someone else can chime in about longevity.

  4. Sue

    Am I allowed to be a slight killjoy? I had a beautiful pair of Lanvin ballet flats. A black satin pair with leather soles: hmm, not really outdoor shoes IMO, although beautiful to look at, I grant you. For £££ I try to stick to shoes that can endure a bit of wear.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you for the great imput. So basically lanvin flats are unsuitable for London lifestyle, unless you use them just for walking on carpets indoors. I wept when I saw those on sale, they had my size and so beautiful. But still unsuitable for my lifestyle and unattractive on my feet…😨

  5. Keodi

    I own 5 pairs of Lanvin flats 4 pairs are leather and the 5th pair are leather except foe the sequence bow on the front. I had them re-soled, and they survived the NYC pavements they’re bout 6 years old. I’m impressed Lanvin flats and clarks are the only ballerina flats I’ll buy.


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