Why we love London.

Why we love London

Our beloved London, is full of surprises and secret gardens.

Meditative walks in the heart of London.

Meditative walks in the heart of London.

Since I often get requests to post about my very favourite London pastimes, here is one of my top choices:  I love walking and exploring, the less known areas, admiring  garden squares and architecture. (Hence my on going preference, for comfy shoes accessorised with a bicycle.)

Hope you are all having a great weekend – back soon with more insightful wardrobe observations. The next one is about the new denim & wearing jeans with panache, whatever the occasion or the weather!

The fight against evil
Join The fight against evil! Please help to spread the word or make a donation to Save the Elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

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6 thoughts on “London delights: green & architecture

  1. Nina2000

    Thank you for the beautiful London shots and the many humorous posts! I love your blog and look forward to see what else you and Miss Beatrice get up to. I have donated to the Save the Elephant fund – thank you for highlighting that too

  2. Virginia

    It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit today (32 celsius) here in NW Washington, there is nowhere cool enough outside 😓 . Thank you for the lovely cool green photos, I am pretending to be sitting on one of those park benches.


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