imageIt’s June -right?  Many of you may be lucky enough to enjoy sun & sea, but for us Londoners, it’s more about rain & stylish raincoats.

There is no such thing as bad weather- only the wrong clothes! I am passionate about shopping for the seasons we live in and having real clothes to enhance our real life. Finding a decent raincoat was on my wardrobe essentials list. Please do not wear a cagoule – it simply won’t cut it in the city, and a proper raincoat is not quite the same as a trench, which I already own, (what Londoner doesn’t?)

Rainbow of raincoats

During a recent visit to beloved Paris, I was attracted by this rainbow of raincoats in Bon Marché. My friend Emily was raving about them, I tried them on – and the rest is history. You can also get them on line.

Stutterheim was recommended by my Parisian friend Emily, as the epitome of ‘chic in a downpour look.’ Based on the design of a traditional fishermans raincoat, it will transcend fashion and remain a wardrobe classic. I had the opportunity to test it, in the recent London stormy weather and so glad to finally invest in a proper raincoat.
It’s beautifully cut, hand made, designed to withstand any downpour and infuse the wearer with casual chic… Nothing less would do.

 The question that remains is what colour would you choose? Classic black for glamour? Pretty pink to cheer up the rain? Olive green or dove grey for understated chic...

The question that remains is what colour would you choose? Classic black for glamour? Pretty pink to cheer up the rain? Olive green or dove grey for understated chic…

The question that remains is what colour would you choose? Classic black for glamour? Pretty pink to cheer up the rain? Grass green for fun or dove grey for understated chic…

Rain? Bring it on - I say...

Rain? Bring it on – I say…

“All coats are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterized by simplicity, functionality and timeless design.’

Enjoy the rain everyone and do let me know of any small exclusive designers you tried out.

© Ladysarahinlondon
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16 thoughts on “Wardrobe upgrades: the hand made raincoat (from quality in our wardrobe series#)

  1. Virginia

    Oh I hope you chose pink 💘 ! I have bookmarked the site, unisex sizes large enough for me 😄. I know where my next raincoat will be made, Thanks ❤

  2. silkpathdiary

    You have answered my prayer for a proper waterproof rain coat with a hood! I read the profile of the company founder some time ago and then forgot all about it. Thank you, thank you dear LS. This is the only item on my Autumn/Winter shopping list – what, you don’t believe me??!! 🙂 I will plump for navy ….

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      If you see the colours in person, it will be a tough call. I have very rarely seen better use of colour on any clothing item. I usually go for black or navy too, but… The green would match your kelly😃 Just sayin’…

  3. Sue

    Perfect choice LS! I have a Stutterheim in fir green for braving the downpours on my bike (and on foot).They are totally waterproof. (And, they have a very good, slightly mad, Instagram account)

  4. dottoressa

    Beautiful raincoats! Great that you’ve chosen pink-it is lovely to see colours on a rainy day!
    It is tempting-although we don’t have usually a lot of rain-but with climate changing-good to be prepared :-)-but what colour to choose?
    I have an old Fjallraven khaki parka for the occasion (it acctually was rainy spring this year),with the hood-what a bliss!-,but it is not completely waterproof-maybe it lost this quality !
    Thank you-I love so much when you write about new (for me) disclosures!
    I hope I’ll have nice weather in London this summer,too (I’m optimistic,but so far,so good-the only one rainy day-deluge actually- completely ruined my summer trench!)

  5. Nancy

    I’ve owned a Stutterheim for 2 years now, it’s an excellent raincoat. Here is a link to a New Zealand company that sells fair trade organic cotton–
    I have several pieces by them, I love the roll neck and am sorry I didn’t get the jumper in dark green. The roll neck keeps its shape, wash after wash.


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