Bank holiday weekend was Quiet and very Restful.

The LSH (long suffering husband) and I, booked ourselves for a SPA session, an invigorating swim, sauna and massage. The idea was to recover from the harshness of the working week and be fighting fresh, for the forthcoming battle with the Borgias.

The spa session was nicely rounded off with a visit to a Vietnamese restaurant for a quick bowl of pho. (inspired by dear silk paths blog here) I love authentic pho, which I fondly remember from my days travelling in South East Asia. Although a relatively simple dish, I’ve never managed to recreate it at home- a good pho is about cooking a slow, perfect, delicious, aromatic broth –  over 12 hours to prepare.
Another good thing about London living, one is never far away from some authentic ethnic food. I will be checking out a few Vietnamese restaurants, at various price points, and will return with reviews. This was not bad though, and will be on my list. There are vegetarian versions, as well as fish and meat options.

Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend- summer is here and more of them coming up!

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4 thoughts on “Relaxed bank holiday weekend, spa, pink cashmere & a bowl of pho

  1. silkpathdiary

    Oh beautiful pink cashmere and pearls again! So glad you’re revisiting these flavours with Pho. I do make a quick version at home so it’s treat when we go out for the more authentic version. Look forward to your reviews for my next trip to London town 🙂


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