Paris is always a good idea, and I try to visit a few times a year. After all it’s just a short train ride from London.

The LSH (long suffering husband) and I, adore our little Paris visits, though understandably, you dear readers, may be sick of me talking about them.

If you are visiting, a good hotel is a must, and make sure you don’t over schedule. Trying to ‘do’, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Bon marchè in one day, will leave, even the most tenacious of travellers, feeling beaten up. Not to mention full of hostility towards the joys of Paris.

After a delightful hotel breakfast, we usually attempt one cultural event, followed by a long bistro lunch. Then we sit around having  cafè noirs and cafè gourmandes, observing the chic Parisians for fashion lessons.

We stay in st Germain, which is a bit less touristy than most, let me tell you. Parisians are tres chic, it is no myth. They take their wardrobe and beauty regime very seriously, despite some old smoker die hards. (Which just goes to show nobody is perfect.)

Restrain seems to be a typical Parisian characteristic. They don’t overbuy like we do. When shopping and trying on things  in Paris, I am offered choice of style and colour – none of that gushing ‘if in doubt buy both’ nonsense. Their shop assistants, seems to know clothes. Their shops are better and seem to confidently stock more unknown and upcoming designers. Unlike say, Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London, both of which have now become Meccas of unwearable, outrageously priced bling.

They don’t seem to overeat either, ‘degustation ‘ rather than ‘stuffing ones face’ seems to be the norm. Just a little champagne, a little fresh unsalted butter a taste of this or that.

Let me have your tips on great Paris visits- and if  you are not fatiguè of reading about it, I will post some photos of our hotel room. It is such a find! Have to change for tonight- back soon.

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6 thoughts on “…. from Paris

  1. Elle

    Thank you for such an informative post. We’re going to Paris next June, and I’m collecting/reading all the information I possibly can, What is the name of the hotel that you stay in while in st Germain,?

  2. Archana Paladugu

    I adore your reports after you come back from Paris. I hope you one day can sneak in some street style photos when in the city too. I would like to see your chosen ones from the street that you think look chic and Parisian.

  3. Susan

    I, too, would be interested in seeing a few examples of Paris ‘street style.’ People of Paris seem to have an real sense of style. Also, despite all the delicious buttery, rich food choices Parisians seen very fit..
    Interesting the difference in the shop keepers and how they assist customers to shop.
    Many of the once thought to be high end stores in the USA carry lots of poor quality items. The majority of clothing seems to be high priced and low quality. St. John, Burberry, Channel, Barbour can be found off in a corner of a better store. The stores are clearly catering to the masses.

  4. dottoressa

    Lucky you!
    I love to read about your Paris and hotels as well. My schedule is very similar to yours. One or two culture events (two if they are small and close,or exibition+theatre in the evening),and than just feeling the pulse of the city.
    We were once,maybe fifteen years ago,celebrating my son’s birthday at Le Grand Colbert,(I think that was after Something’s Got to Give film,so he was quite impressed).
    I would like some of street style photos,chosen by you,too
    I admire and respect their style,as well as “french paradox”,the way they eat, and their discipline. Not the greedy consumers! I hope that the young generation would follow their steps.
    But something always inspires me in London ,too.
    Enjoy your Paris trip!


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