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The contents of my wardrobe is an on-going obsession. There is a lot of pleasure to be derived, out of opening the doors and finding inside, a nice little collection of clothes. Only the kind of clothes that we absolutely love to wear on a daily basis – and are comfortable for real life.

I like to keep a tight ship so to speak – with regular seasonal clear outs. Before making my fashion budget for SS/16, One needs to take an inventory.

Establish what is good from previous seasons, what needs replacing, and what was one of those fashion shopping errors, on a grand scale, the sort that will never see, the light of day. (kill those, straight away).

The Spring wardrobe clear-out, is there to help me put together a coherent, fashion shopping list, use money wisely, as well as keep me soignè for the forthcoming season.

Step- by-step spring wardrobe clear outs
# taking everything out, EVERYTHING- and clean with non toxic lavender based cleaner. Sometimes I even need to Hoover, the inside of the wardrobe as well.

Removing the contents of the wardrobe for a spring clean...

Removing the contents of the wardrobe for a spring clean…

# re- arranging the wardrobe will take planning and self discipline. I only put back clothes that will realistically get regular wear in the next 8 weeks or so.  For me, that means hard working every day, outfits for work, smart clothes for drinks with friends, maybe a restaurant meal, weekend visits to exhibitions, that sort of thing… My lifestyle is very London and very simple, yours may be different. Leaving space for potential new additions is key… Allow room for new possibilities.

ONLY- clothes that will realistically get regular wear in the next 8 weeks or so. This will clarify if we have too many imaginary lifestyle clothes, and not enough smart ‘real life’ outfits.

# create a separate shoe storage area, complete with accoutrements. Brushes, shoe polishes and dabs of peppermint oils to keep everything fresh.. the heavy boots go into storage and out come the spring loafers. I don’t keep many shoes from season to season, since I walk so much they wear out, plus fashion changes.. My hanbags on the other hand, are ‘investment’ pieces, stored in dustbags out of season. Nothing disposable about them, they get regular handbag spa days. Post here.

I take care of my bags which are proper 'investment' pieces kept season after season.

I take care of my bags, with regular airing and cleaning. These are my proper ‘investment’ pieces, kept season after season. I haven’t bought a new bag for over a year!

# washing & Packing the heavy winter stuff away. Quality Winter knitwear is usually quite expensive – with the right care (cashmere maintenance, washing  & storing post here) should last for many seasons.

# Make a pile of what needs to go to charity shops. Since I’ve been regulating my shopping with strict fast fashion fasts, there is hardly any waste, so I get good value out of most of my clothes. And the charities only get good quality items they can actually use. Less is more people- less is more.

#  Special occasion outfits and out of season clothes are stored, in a separate wardrobe. These include very dressy clothes, fancy hats, (in proper hat boxes of course!) skiing, chalet, ballet clothes and beachwear.

# Finishing it all off, by adding something lightly scented. Lavender-ish or cedar wood- ish. Real Essential oils are best, as they keep moths at bay. When we open the wardrobe door it should feel fresh, just like a spring garden.

forthcoming post: Accessories and how I store them.

So now – are you ready for the SS16 fashion budget? Any more secret tips for succesful Spring wardrobe clear outs?

If you enjoy looking inside my wardrobe ….here is a little peak inside these famous wardrobes here Both ladies are very different and both have something to teach us about style.

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11 thoughts on “Wardrobe clear out secrets

  1. MNLondon

    I see you use plastic hangers. Do you find they work as well as wooden or velvet ones? I just bought two dozen matching velvet hangers and can’t wait to try them out, after my wardrobe spring clean.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Good point. I use thin plastic hangers for my everyday things. Thicker wooden or padded ones for heavier winter clothes. It’s a great idea for a post actually. ‘ wardrobe accessories’ 👍 Thank you for the idea!

  2. dottoressa

    Ah,unreachable ideal,dear Lady Sarah! But,working on it very hard :-),promise!
    First,I buy very little lately,and no fast fashion at all,I buy on sales only if I waited for the special piece and there is discount- one *
    I do clean my closet and walk-in wardrobe regulary,as well as all my items, – one *
    I give regulary away some of my clothes or shoes to those in need- *
    But, opportunity makes the (thief) sinner- I have a lot of place- “-“,”-“,”-“!
    I love all of your tips.
    Maybe I’ll try to choose a part of my closet and start with a pleasure of “nice collection of clothes for 8 weeks wear “. That’s a good idea,don’t you think-and little by little….who knows?
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Exactly- lucky you to have the space! That’s pretty much what I do, I have an ‘everyday’ seasonal wardrobe and another place to store out of season. The 8 weeks is because that’s pretty much when the weather will change and I know for sure to replace heavier clothes with summer outfits.

  3. Virginia

    Ah, wardrobe spring cleaning, just the thing! I started on mine last week, still have much to do. I’ve pulled out my spring / summer maxis, washed and aired them, and moved my winter wear to their corner. I cleaned the top shelf, discovered much to be disposed, and made rooms for other items. I still need to work on shoe storage, there is much to be disposed of there ! ( I rarely donate shoes, I find that unappealing). I still have too many items of clothing , a new box of donations is going out this week. Thank you for this post Lady Sarah, just the thing to keep me inspired.
    p.s., my new purse has shipped from Italy 😃 Also, the Massaccesi website is up with the spring bags and colors!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Sounds very organised! And I do envy your sewing skills, nice to be able to transform clothes. Embarrassingly, my own skills are very limited and struggle to even button replacing… – Still wardrobe clear outs are so important – painful as they may be… I have a couple more drawers to organise and my spring session should be done- thank the gods!😃 Enjoy the new coloured bag, lovely choice. ❤️

  4. Susan

    I often wonder where all the clothing in stores ultimately ends up? Can it all be purchased? I agree with your definition of ”fast fashion’ Low end, low cost, not well made, and surely to not meet the test of time. Often costly, given the limited value.

    Shopping therapy – are the retailers counting on this? I admit, I have done this too. Possibly, everybody has? The question remains, where does all the clothing go? Tax write-off?

    I, like others reading this blog, have a collection of high end pieces. My favorites. That said, I’m still sorting and donating – it seems year around. Like others, I have lots of closet space. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

    Parting with certain items is difficult. Memories attached. Does everybody of a bond with certain wardrobe items?

    Love your organizational skills and your disciplined approach to wardrobe! Thank you for sharing. Susan


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