Good morning Ladies and Happy Sunday.

Fashion vs handbags
‘Save on clothes, spend on accessories’, you’ve heard the mantra so many times. There was a time I tried it myself. The ‘right’designer bag will ‘elevate‘ that cheap, sweat shop made t-shirt from PRIMARK, GAP or Target. Therefore, adding more designer bags, can become an obsession, and so is the widespread delusion, that the right handbag will make anything from ZARA, look like catwalk material. Fashion blogs, are, I am afraid to say, partly to blame. A good photographer can make anything look good. But does it work in real life? Does the fabric feel divine, is it well cut, beautifully lined, with lovely buttons? Or is it made using rash inducing synthetics, indifferent buttons and shaped like an army tent?
The reality is I had to shift my fashion budgets, spending much  less on handbags, and more on well cut clothes (and skin care. )

The naked truth
Ladies – there is NO designer bag in the world that will ‘elevate‘ any outfit, made in sweat shop conditions. Which kind of makes it, very hard to dress. So many of our clothes, (even when sold at relatively high prices,) are made in those appalling places. Made by underpaid, modern day slaves.

Perhaps not everything in our current wardrobe is 100% ethical. When shopping nowadays, the choice often is: turning a blind eye, or buying nothing, (and wearing whats already in the wardrobe.) As a bare minimum, I try to choose ‘made in EU’ or preferably ‘made in UK’, even if it costs more. Obviously, I avoid anything with animal fur or the so called exotic skins, (an environmental disaster in the making!)

More recently, after the Panama Papers scandal,  I started looking in depth, at companies who avoid paying their fair share of tax.

Forthcoming  post: details of my fashion budget S/S16 ! Usually hugely popular, who doesn’t like to read about how other people spend their money?

The fight against evil
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word or make a donation to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

© Ladysarahinlondon

If you have any treasured sources of organic cotton, fair trade and sweat shop free fashion, please get in touch.


12 thoughts on “Feeding Shopping habits… and fashion budget SS/16

  1. dottoressa

    Good morning ,dear Lady Sarah!
    As an early bird (with a help of an alarm clock :-))here I am,drinking coffee and looking for a white jacket (folowing all yours-and mine,too- standards)
    No progress so far 😦
    Even the traditional good brands are lowering their standards (and lifting up their prices!)
    Maybe to go to one of our brands (high quality,great designer-bad approach to agressive fast fashion brands expansion,so on the way down) ordering custom made one.
    I try as much as I could to support our industry( going to be non-existant in future,I’m afraid ) if they have something to offer
    Have a beautiful Sunday

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Precisely! If we don’t support our own, we won’t have any industries left so to speak. And that day is coming sooner than people think, with the economic crisis and all that is going on in Europe… Of course people think, ‘how is my little fashion or handbag purchases make any difference?’ – but it does.

  2. Nicola

    Although I’m on a limited fashion budget I’d much rather spend my money on two or three really well-cut pieces than 15 cheap tops from Primark. I’ll also spend money on having things altered so that they fit better and have been known to change buttons on new tops (why is it that manufacturers insist on putting ghastly buttons on what would otherwise be a lovely outfit?!). Accessories look so much better when layered on top of something simple that fits well.

  3. Archana Paladugu

    Oh I agree. I will never understand it when folks buy chanel bags and wear H&M clothes. Its not the matter of aesthetics or coherence but saving to buy luxury at the expense of someone working in a sweatshop.

    The traditional wisdom is to skimp on everything and spend on land/jewellry. Good investment and all that …. I think this generation has added handbags to this mix. I would love to discover who started this trend of “investing” in bags. Its rather interesting.

    I could always resist H&M. Everything felt so ill made. But Zara was such a black hole for me in what seems like a previous life. I still have a few pieces from them that I adore and are going strong for now. I wish it had good quality in similar designs and is ethically made. I think I am asking too much. I think they steal designs from the runways too. So ….

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Zara ‘interpret’ things from the runway, better and faster than anyone else, that’s how they made their money. Initially, the clothes were made in Spain or Portugal, but now a lot of it is made in China.
      I love your observation about “investing” in land, jewellery and bags. That’s hilarious. We need to invest in clean air and fair pay/working conditions, it’s getting there. Are the Panama papers discussed in the US?

      1. Archana Paladugu

        I was reading a history paper on origin of marriage. After humans started settling down from their previous nomadic existence, according to one theory – marriage was introduced to figure out inheritance. Land and precious metal were the coveted goods of the prehistoric times. … passed down to children. Later religion came in and added man-women rules into the mix to preserve order. In an interesting turn of events, we the ppl of 21st century went on to throw fashion/luxury into this mix.

        I see me as doing the opposite when it comes to bags. I wear clothing from the designer collections and bags made by craftsman who are not known beyond certain circles.

        Panama papers are not discussed as much as I would have liked in the US. They are the hot topic in India. Lots of celebrities got exposed.

      2. lady sarah in london Post author

        Interesting! I may be going the same way, with handbags they have now, practically, become the enemy of fashion. Shame the Panama papers are not discussed in the US, here they are big news.

      3. DN in NYC

        Re: Panama Papers, the papers have all covered the news, but I think it has not become a hot topic because no famous Americans have been implicated. If one of our politicians had been named, I’m sure it would be followed as closely as it’s been in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s apparently just as easy to create secret accounts in the US. Hopefully there are investigative journalists looking more closely at this now.

        I would really love for Putin to get in trouble, but that’s not happening in today’s Russia.

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