These days I very rarely leave London, but when I do its nice to travel in style.

The on-going search for the perfect travel bag: it has to be light, durable, not too big not too small.

My own travel size le pliage has accompanied me on many trips. Folds down to nothing and is fully machine washable.

My own travel size le pliage has accompanied me on many trips. Folds down to nothing and is fully machine washable.

Longchamp le pliage new colours for SS16

Longchamp travelling light with  le pliage new colours for SS16

Sizes to fit every occasion...

Sizes to fit every occasion… Decisions, decisions…

Limited edition: all you need is love in pale pink

Limited edition: all you need is love in pale pink

Tip for chronic over packers:
– break down your trip into ‘activities’, for example, sight seeing, shopping, eating out etc to list what you really need lug around with you. (Things can be washed easily enough) no just in case items, no uncomfortable clothes or shoes impossible to walk in.

A smooth wheelie case is handy for longer trips.

A smooth, manoeuvrable, wheelie case is handy for some of those longer trips. Keeping it small and carrying less works best for me.

What are your 5 favourite travel essentials?

What are your 5 favourite travel essentials? And your favourite travel bag?

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11 thoughts on “Travelling in style: the perfect bag for your trip.

  1. Antonia

    I use a different bag every year when I travel and what’s weird is I always want to buy a bag specifically to carry on the plane, but shortly when I get back I always end up selling it! One year it was a pre-owned Speedy 40, then another year it was the YSL Easy bag, then this past winter it was the Balenciaga Velo L (the LARGE size). I love the looks and the light weight design of the Longchamp but it would seem that the snap leather fold over thingy would get in the way and be a pain to get in and out of the bag. Do you think it is? As always, thanks for the fun reading!!

  2. happyface313

    🙂 You’re so right! These Longchamp bags are so comfortable. It’s easy to pack an extra one into the suitcase – just in case one goes a bit OTT with shopping while on holiday.
    I never knew these bags could go into the washing machine? I wipe them off with a disinfectant inside and outside, before I fold and store them.
    Ooh, I haven’t seen the new collection yet – so pretty. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂

  3. dottoressa

    Perfect timing,dear LS! I have black Le pliage ( can it really be washed in machine? Didn’t know) and this year decided to buy one new. In january couldn’t decide between large and largest travel tote,even played with an idea about navy Neo- too small,but has shoulder straps- (the largest won), and than in february there was dilemma between red one or navy. So much thinking about simple nylon bag…but that’s the reason I didn’t want to buy both. This weekend I have to make up my mind and send my son plea what to buy. Navy is classic….
    What would be your suggestion? Is yours navy or purple?
    Btw.,I love Longchamp bags in leather,too
    Have a nice weekend

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Mine is purple I don’t remember the exact name – it was a seasonal colour. Since you visit London regularly, stop by the flagship store in regent street to choose your colour and size. They have special offers not advertised on line, plus they keep your details on file for free repairs. 👍

  4. missfrankiecat

    I love the Longchamps bags for travel (and shopping!) but I love Herve Chapelier even more. They are unbelievably durable (mine go in the washing machine) and I prefer the lack of trimming and fuss free fastenings. They are less structured than Longchamps which some people may not like but they are also less ubiquitous as well.

  5. Marie S

    I needed a lightweight bag after having an operation on my shoulder and I try not to carry too much now. I bought a navy Neo from the Regent Street store when I was in London last summer and I love it. A lot of bags are too heavy before you put anything in them.


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