A delicious assortment of knitwear, in sorbet pink shades.

In the ongoing quest for everyday comfort & tres chic, One tends to rely somewhat on a uniform of jumper and jeans.

Uniform’ of jumper and perfect jeans
I currently own 4 winter pairs of jeans
#Black skinny
#Dark blue wash, high waisted, fitted but not skinny. (my favourite)
#Boyfriend slim fit (this is proper tough denim, so the least comfortable)
#Boot cut slim fit. (This was good for the office as well, but is getting old now and loosing its shape.)

Well fitting jeans are one of the hardest items to buy, so when I find a good pair, I wear them to shreds. My weight does not fluctuate, I eat like a horse, but cycle, walk and do yoga almost daily.


Easy weekend uniform. Jeans and soft pink jumper.


Strict colour palette!

Planning to wear this for Valentine's Day. A string of pearls and we are done!

Planning to wear this for Valentine’s Day. Add a string of pearls and we are done!

Definition: investment: the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments (in these case quality jumpers to wear for years) or other assets.

Investment dressing
I have become quite the ‘investment’ dresser when it comes to knitwear. Cashmere, pure wool or angora, which I carry over from season to season. (angora I have now stopped buying unless it’s ethically produced. Read here why.) These are a few seasons old at least, usually add one or two every year and weed out things that begin to look tired. This year, I haven’t bought any yet, possibly because this little collection, doesn’t get enough wear as it is.
Without actually realising it, I kept to quite a strict colour palette. When I wear pink, I like to combine it with something a little tougher, like army green or boots to take some of the sugar away.

Colour palette
An assortment of soft pinks, are my favourite weekend colours. Associated with relaxation. Working week colour palettes are more, navy, grey and cream. Though light touches of pink, in accessories, also seem to work.

When I wear pink, I combine it with something a little tougher, like army green or boots to take some of the sugar away.

When wearing pink, I try combine it with something a little tougher, like army green or boots to take some of the sugar away.

Pink coat

Do you have a favourite colour or shade that keeps repeating itself in your wardrobe?

© Ladysarahinlondon

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Lady Sarah's cashmere care tips

Lady Sarah’s cashmere care tips


11 thoughts on “Pale pink knitwear & easy valentines dressing.

  1. happyface313

    🙂 You have quite a lovely selection of pretty cashmere jumpers.
    I’m at the stage where I can’t stand too much warmth, so I prefer a cotton t-shirt with a cashmere sweater over the top. My colors are violet, purple and of course black. Easy to add.
    Have a good start into the new week 🙂

  2. Susan

    I like your ice pink shade. This shade contrasts nicely with darker slacks/jeans and skirts. Notice how this shade of pink looks great with white too. (The paler pink does not contrast as well, in my opinion.) Your pearl necklace with the lovely clasp looks nice on the pink too. Very nice pieces! Susan .

  3. Monica

    Wow, what a gorgeous collection of knitwear. You’ve certainly got an eye for it. I adore powdery pink – my favourite colour! – it’s easily the non-neutral I wear most. Actually, I feel it can almost act as a neutral, when worn a certain way, but it can be easy to look sickly sweet too. Your point about offsetting it with something tougher is an important one!

  4. dottoressa

    Lovely colours,perfect with your hair colour and jeans or silk skirt+ boots(contrast is important,I agree,for a balance)
    I love pink cashmere but with fair hair I look too pale in it (have to try with scarves)
    My favourite (non) colour is white,summer and winter ( grey,black,navy and royal or baby blue,too!)

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Blondes can look lovely in some shades of pink. It’s just a matter of finding the right shade. Often blonde people have a lot of pink undertone on their skin and its best not to exaggerate that too much. I try a lot of different shades in the mirror and in different lights. Make up also makes a difference, it’s subtle but is all there. As you say, blondes often look spectacular in baby blues. ❤️Hope your cold is better.

  5. Alicia Velice

    Green and black, I tried adding other colours but they never get worn, and so I am back to my Blacks which do, partially cause I am overweight and I feel like it is Armour and partly because I feel bad ass in black.:)

  6. Archana Paladugu

    Your knitwear is quite lovely. I have always loved the color mauve, but do it in tiny doses. I used to wear only mauve clothes for years at a stretch and then grew out of it. I now do it with scarves and pink pearls. Am considering a dirty mauve colored beanie. Nowhere to be found !

  7. Virginia

    Love your pink jumpers and pearls! I think they mix and match well with your described denim. And what says spring better than pinks. As I am all about color, I enjoy supporting choices other than black!


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