Rose Beauty treats for Valentines nights

It is no secret that One favours a low maintenance, no-nonsense beauty regime.
I also happen to feel quite passionate about good grooming. Perfect grooming should be neither a chore nor a duty, but an absolute pleasure, and a daily delight.

As a rule, products for sensitive skin  are a good choice. (sometimes even baby products.) That’s because even the best brands of cosmetics, can be loaded with non essential irritants, perfumes and chemicals. I never use waterproof mascara or any heavy duty products.

In fact, I expect the few well selected, items in my make up Box, to do double duty as skin treats or sun protection-  and still be, easy peasy to remove, after a long day. (fighting tooth and nail with the Borgias.)

Last month was a non-fashion shopping month for me- (hopefully this month too.) No fast fashion, no slow fashion, in fact no fashion clothes shopping at all. (with the exception of two sports bras, after all a girl has to stay in fighting shape. I am that rare animal who never wears sports clothes – unless actually doin’ sports- crazy- I know).

That means a little more precious funds can be diverted for indulgent beauty buys, like a luxury face cream.

Valentine nightime Beauty treats with roses.

BY TERRY cellular rose

Eyewateringly expensive, but such a sensual delight to use!  Smells divine and feels amazing. Results? Well to be honest I have pretty good skin anyway so not a lot of difference. I bought it for the feel good factor. Will I buy again? Only if I feel flush.

I resisted the need for a separate eye cream for years, but alas, Time catches up with us all. The texture of this cream is lovely,  the nifty massage applicator feels reassuringly expensive. It’s pretty economical though, as it lasts and lasts. Results? There is an instant and noticeable diminishing in fine lines. But the pesky little rascals do come back… Will I buy again? I think so, yes.

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Masque

Although other weleda products proved quite good, this one was a disappointment, in fact it left my skin quite irritated. On closer inspection alcohol is listed in the ingredients list. Never again! I used the remainder as a foot cream and now have deliciously soft, rose petal smelling toes!

Dr Organic Rose lip serum
This is more like an oil, but will rescue even the driest of chapped lips. Wear under another lip balm to retain valuable moisture and help speed up the healing process. Perfect for winter, but possibly not essential all year round. Can do double duty as a colourless lipgloss, drenching your lips with valuable moisture.

Dr Organic Rose otto cleansing milk
Lovely scent, mild and effective. I did find the packaging quite annoying: had to keep the bottle upside down to get any product out. Results? Skin felt clean, pure and well hydrated after use. Will I buy again? Currently using micellar water which was cheaper and is in fact even easier to use, though admittedly,  not as sensual.

Annick Goutal
Rose absolue

This is my favourite rose scented perfume. A true, clear rose scent perfect for February Valentines. Results? uplifting to me- plus -literally – when wearing this, one has to keep fighting off ones admirers. Honest! Will I buy again? What do you think!

My beauty selection of Rose scented products for Valentine nightime Beauty treats with roses: Valentine nights.

Valentine nightime Beauty treats with roses.

Any favourite Rose scented products?

© Ladysarahinlondon

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8 thoughts on “Beauty update: lovely reviews of Rose skin care products for Valentine

  1. dottoressa

    Rose absolue smells divine! The rose is the queen of flowers ,no doubt
    My Le muguets are waiting for spring,maybe a couple of weeks
    And-let’s repeat my beauty routine:
    I mix now Dr. Hauschka Rose cream with little Day revitalizing cream (for day and night- I know their rule -nothing through the night-,but I do it my way) gently massageing the face. From last spring I use Avene sensitive skin tinted cream SPF 50,too.( I do not use eye cream but maybe will give a try to Clinique pep-start eye cream) ,I dab a little Diorskin star concealer 001 under eyes-perfect product!-, a little Le blush creme de Chanel,62 Presage,on my cheeks for healthier look. I don’t wear eye make up or mascara or brows pencils-I get them tinted and that’s all
    Just a little Sisley loose matte powder on the nose if I can’t wait my cream to absorb. I wear lipstick- my favourite was CD Serum de rouge but they don’t produce it any more. I have only one left in 760,very natural lip colour. Second choice is Shiseido veiled rouge 506-red,with Mac Naked lip liner(in skin colour)
    For removing make up I use Vichy 3in1 Purete Thermal.
    For body -L’Occitane Roses and Reines body milk
    And I spend a lot of time with only face cream and maybe some blush on
    It seems complicated but it is very simple,5-10 minutes-routine- in the morning or evening

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you again for the great imput. If you do decide to go for an eye cream, (which may not be essential for you) I don’t recommend the Clinique one, by Terry is by far superior – I also tried a few others which were good, will aim to do a specialist post. ( your brand dr Hauschka is also excellent) Most people though don’t really need a separate eye cream – just sunscreen and a good face cream, applied correctly.

  2. Archana Paladugu

    I am a big fan of rose products too. I have a body oil by REN that smells of roses and is absolutely divine. It changes the way I conduct myself when I know I smell like that.

    I need to teach myself to make rose water. That will give me a reason to go to the florist and buy as many roses as I please.


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