Another insane week has whizzed by, and here I am taking refuge from the world, with a good travel read.

This is probably Agatha Christie’s least known and most ignored book. A chronicle about her travels with her second husband and archaeological digs in Syria, (so not her usual, excellent, murder mystery story, very disappointed nobody gets murdered in this one!)  Europe is currently being inundated with Syrian refugees, this book Shows  what things were like 80 years ago. There are some truly interesting insights, and this book is highly recommended.

‘The past holds the key to the future’ as my history teacher used to mumble in despair, at my diminished interest in his long lectures. Lectures about faraway places and distant times and I so wish I’d paid more attention back then.

Come tell me how you live is an easy read, with plenty of humour – perfect to unwind after a long day.

Armchair travellers will also appreciate the ‘locations including the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, looted and bulldozed by Isis in March, the tomb of Sheikh Adi, near Mosul, and Palmyra, the Syrian world heritage site which Isis reached in recent months’ 

Agatha Christie was a real emancipated character – she’d live in the tents, get involved in the digs, catalogue and clean the artefacts, and photograph them … There’s a bit of real-life adventure – a charming and personal account of what her own life was like.

I will make a point to visit the British Museum and have a look at some of their archaeological finds. Any actual travel to that part of the world is, sadly, no longer possible.

Agatha Christie never got the recognition she truly deserved in her lifetime. As an ‘easy read’ author she was immensely succesful, but her writing has depth that can continue to entice and teach us all. ‘They came to Bagdad’ is another gem, (still relievant today!) you may want to revisit.

You can buy both of these books from most good bookshops, or online. However, since Agatha Christie was such a succesful writer, most of her paperback books, can be found second hand with ease, and bought for virtually nothing. I buy mine from a local second-hand book shop and then I donate them again. Call it economising  or literary recycling!

So what are you reading at the moment dear friends? Any good reads to share?

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9 thoughts on “Essential reading: come, tell me how you live

  1. dottoressa

    Great subject! Agatha Christie’s books (and I’ve read a lot of them,including her autobiography) are my ultimate comfort read!!!! I love and admire her very much. It is hard to write interesting and in a light way. Thank you for the recommendation,this one is new to me.
    My favourites in misteries are also PD James,Dorothy Sayers,Elisabeth George,CJ Sansom,Caroline Graham,JK Rowling aka R. Galbraith….
    I am reading now A Trick of the Light,Canadian mistery book,by Louise Penny and enjoy it.
    Have a nice weekend

      1. dottoressa

        If you are fond of historical misteries set in reign of Henry VIII-absolutely CJ Sansom and his Shardlake series:Dissolution,Dark Fire,Sovereign,Revelation,Heartstone and Lamentation (in chronological order) .
        Can’t wait further novels!
        But I like other authors as well!

      2. dottoressa

        Or maybe Donna Leon,italian author who writes in English. Her Commissario Brunetti novels are situated in Venice,beautiful itself!

  2. Monica

    I love Agatha Christie. Poirot has been a character in my life ever since I watched the TV series with my mother as a little girl.

    Not reading anything at the moment as I’ve been busy. One of my recent reads which I very much recommend is ‘The Lost Art of Dress’ by Linda Przybyszewski.

  3. despin678

    I am really enjoying The Visitor (Jack Reecher) by Lee Child – clever set up. its the series they made a film with Tom Cruise.


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