Afternoon tea in Chanel cashmere

Sitting down for afternoon tea – and woefully behind schedule with my world domination plan.

January is usually a harsh time, as post-Christmas reality sets in. Back to work, rain and more rain, bills to pay and enemies to vanquish! I generally avoid shopping, (sales in general are not my thing) clean my wardrobe and try to hanker down till spring, when the lovely, new collections start blooming.

I am also attempting to eat well, (please ignore the afternoon tea selection & glass of pink fizz), but no strict detox for me. Having tried to detox during past January’s, my conclusion is that cold and dark winters, like ours in London, need hearty food. Accompanied with the odd glass of champagne – here and there. My daily fare consists of well cooked beans or lentils and greens, seasonal fruit plus organic dairy and poilane bread. So I don’t exactly starve, but still eat well, by simply cooking at home and avoiding processed foods. No diets and certainly no calorie counting. One needs ones strength, you understand, for world domination.

I still enjoy the occasional afternoon tea treat. Small portions only!

Woefully behind on my plans for world domination – but still enjoy the occasional afternoon tea treat. The tiniest of  portions only!

in the great British tradition, drink tea and carry on...

in the greatest of British traditions, drink tea and carry on…

Anyway, hope you are coping well with January’s trials and tribulations, in the great British tradition, drink tea and carry on…

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9 thoughts on “Afternoon tea nibbles – keep calm and carry on.

  1. dottoressa

    I am actually drinking tea ( unfortunately without wonderful little things around,what a treat!-btw. where are the scones?- ),so tired after day out. We have A LOT of snow,I was cleaning my car for forty minutes (due to our imaginative architect, our garage is too awry to get the car in-or better, out- !)
    I like snow only in country,so I’m hunkering with a cup of Lady Grey,my recent obsession. I know it’s not traditional blend but it is so nice during winter and snow-inflicted low spirit.
    Your Chanel sweater is so gorgeus!
    You’re right, one has to eat well and healthy,world domination condition!
    And I’ve sinned,Lady Sarah,siren call of Eric Bompard was hard to resist (obviously I have to eat more hearty food!)

      1. dottoressa

        2014 in London I bought EB space purple buttoned dress. Love at first sight! It was(and is :-)) just perfect. I was thinking about red (ha! red!!) ,but ,as a serial buyer in rehab I let it go. But was very sad. This season they didn’t have this model at all. I flirted a bit with dress with front pleat,it suits me well,great silhouette ……..couldn’t decide and hoped for a miracle at sales. Ta-da! The rest is history!
        But red dress!?! Red dress! It is not navy,black, grey…… brown or green.Can’t wait to see 🙂 and decide is it mistake or not

  2. Elle

    I don’t see any tea… only a glass of boozy filled libations 🙂 The nibbles looks delicious. I’m on day 5 of my diet. It’s been a slog, but I think I have my over-eating under control. Wishing you all the best in 2016.

  3. Virginia

    One must have sustinence in the gloomy winter months! Champagne and savories, tea and cakes – how else to survive and bring about world domination. My day is not complete without afternoon Cream Earl Grey, I wonder how the world ever progressed before tea! Your selections look delish, I’m pretending I’m there also!


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