Lady Beatrice spends most of the Christmas festivities, sulking in her basket.

She dislikes the noise, the chatter and above all, all of my sister’s ‘adorable‘ children.

All the decorations, the food, the music the gifts – all wasted on her. (Though the little darling, does have a soft spot for red ribbon…)

We take her with us when we visit family, and though I have heard this is unusual, it’s by no means unique. We’ve travelled with her since she was a kitten, so she is familiar with my parents and sisters house… She has her own little travel basket, blankets and accoutrement.

By the way, young children should not be left alone, with kittens without supervision. I suspect lady Beatrice’s distinct loathing for my nieces, has some dark history behind it.

I am told the best way to deal with Christmas and beloved cats, is to leave them at home, provided there is a reliable, stressing the word  reliable, and willing neighbour who visits on s daily basis to check up on them.

Second best is take them with you, like we do, though that only works with close family visits. I could not take lady Beatrice skiing! Or to Paris. Also, if you are planning to have a mobile cat,  best to start them young.
Third solution down the list, is a comfortable stay at a posh cat hotel, (I’ve never done that myself, and would imagine lady Beatrice would feel abandoned!)

Lady Beatrice cannot wait. To get back to our little flat.

Lady Beatrice cannot wait. To get back to our little flat and our own Christmas tree.

She does rather emjoy “helping” make the wreaths.

So dear friends- how are your pets copying with Christmas – any tips you may like to share?

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10 thoughts on “Lady Beatrice doesn’t like Christmas

  1. Virginia

    I love the idea of a country trip for Lady Beatrice too. Does she get to go outside? I do hope she receives some nice treats for being so brave.

    Of course rambunctious children would not sit well with her ladyship, she is much too refined for such nonsense! Best of luck with the young ones.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      No she doesn’t go outside. She sits by the window or by the fire and gives herself a pedicure. May be I will try giving her a treat, we don’t normally as we try to keep her slim – the poor darling! 😃

      1. Virginia

        Yes, slim is much healthier. I am guilty of over-indulging my fur children, luckily none suffers from my issue, they are within their proper weigh range!

  2. Susan

    Lady Beatrice is a kitty of stature – she is also very cute – really adorable. Look at that face! I agree children unsupervised with kittens or puppies is a problem. The kitty or puppy can not speak so you wonder what happens, hence the supervision is key.
    My dog goes back to the breeder when I go away. This is part of my purchase agreement.

  3. dottoressa

    Lady Beatrice is adorable! So cute!
    I love animals very much. 25+years ago I had a Collie,Max. During 12 years my parents and I never travelled at the same time or together,only for a day trip or so and than my grandfather was dog-sitting him (they both were pretty unhappy)
    I was so sad when I lost him that I couldn’t have another dog for years (and share your opinion about little children and pets for the sake of both of them,jealousy can lead to catastrophe), than I saved Fabio,little kitten who lost his family due to dog incident. It was such a pleasure! My parents were cat sitting again :-). He was going out,even after operation,so impossible to travel with the little tramp
    I heard about some kind of cat lovers society and cat-sitting in London,the lady in question was going to somewhere in Scandinavia (so,it must be international I guess) to take care of somebody’s cat during her holidays,we had the conversation last year and I forgot details. Maybe you can try to check it.
    Have a wonderful weekend,LB too!

  4. Marie

    Love the photo of Lady Beatrice. She is beautiful. This is the first Christmas for a long time that I have not had a cat as we lost our last little one a few months ago. I am still in mourning. We have never put any of our cats in a cat hotel as we didn’t want them to feel abandoned. My parents used to cat sit. If we get another I will investigate hiring a professional cat sitter as I hear there is a good one in our area.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Very sorry to hear about your darling cat. However there are so many cats looking for a loving home that is shame to suffer alone. I was gutted when my last cat passed away – and she can never be replaced, but I found that love just expands and now I love little lady Beatrice as well. If you have friendly neighbours sometimes they can look after your cat, -,so not really a huge problem, but I just like to bring her along

      1. Marie

        Thank you. I must admit I have never thought of taking them travelling with me but as you have said it does depend on where you go. 😃

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