Beauty routines

Low maintenance winter skin care:

# Gentle but effective cleansing is a must. No serum or cream will ever work on dirty, congested skin. I cleanse my face with a mild rose cleanser, the minute I get home. Once a week, it’s worth to double cleanse, using pure soap, Evian water and a soft brush. Then I slather on, the face masque. Especially on those pesky laughter lines.

# Following a heavy cocktail ridden night, I drink a large glass of water before going to bed. I also keep a large glass of water by my bedside table. In the morning rehydrate, with a glass of mixed coconut water & water melon juice.

# No exfoliating granules for me, which are like a Brillo pad for the skin, destroy marine life, (and clog the bathroom!). That’s what a good skin brush is for, or a plain, clean flannel – free exfoliation and zero irritation (just dont scrub aggressively with the brush)! It’s a no brainer.

# Facial massage and correct cream application it’s what makes the difference. I’ve picked up some good massage tips from my Ayurvedic facialist. She has magic touch and recommends cold pressed oils for everything, even oily skin. Best money ever spend.

# For colder weather, is worth investing in a good serum under a simple moisturising face cream. Quality Serums seem to have become essential for anyone over 25! There are so many different types, so put your money visiting a specialist shop, like spaceNk for advice. The advantage is that they carry many brands – and the sales assistants there seem quite knowledgeable. They should be able to suggest something suitable, based on your age & lifestyle. Ask questions, request samples, and don’t forget to insist on cruelty free. Nothing good ever came from cruelty. This  and this, is where I refer for good info.

# Anyone, of any age, suffering from acne would do well to steer clear of serums and self medicating and find a good doctor for personalised prescriptions. And don’t ignore the power of eating well, adding fresh vegetables and removing sugar. Painful I know…

# Party, evening & daily make up is simple but choosing the very best can also act as a regular skin treat. Following the great Naomi’s recommendation, invested in Iope cushion creams, and never looked back, (tinted creams and blushers with SPF) lip & eye colours from byTerry. I don’t buy much since once opened, they only last 6-8 months tops.

# Ultimately there are no ‘youth enhancing’ serums or creams. What you eat, how much you exercise and lifestyle makes all the difference. Smokers have pale dry skin, as it is being asphyxiated- essentially it is deprived of oxygen. Those of us who indulge in excessive sugar, or processed food? That makes for red-ish angry looking skin. Too many cocktails? (And who can resist this time of year?) Big Black Bags (and I don’t mean CHANEL) under the eyes

# Using too many products can aggrevate the skin. Likewise some cheaper products are made with inferior ingredients so read the small print. Personally, I avoid anything containing either mineral or Palm oil, alcohol, or laureth sulphite. Actively search for products with expensive ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, (though beware, as this can create dryness for some) quality cold pressed oils, and bees wax. I am not suggesting anyone spends hundreds on a face cream, but look for quality. Some organic & natural brands are surprisingly affordable and super effective.

# adding a specialist eye product. Is it Worth the extra cost and time? Will report back.

adding a specialist eye product. Is it Worth the extra cost and time? Will report back.

Is a specialist eye product essential for the low maintenance beauty routine?  Stay tuned,  Will report back.

Thought of the day: # “if you spend on shoes and handbags more than you spend on good skin care, you will become a 60 year old woman with vintage wardrobe and alligator skin.” Quote Caroline Herons. She is a hard woman she is…

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Hermes Kelly caleche, Rose otto dr organic, fragrant earth special eye cream

Clear out time… Some of these were deemed essential and bought again, others not so much…

15 thoughts on “Beauty routines: low maintenance winter skin care (+ festive recovery tips)

  1. Antonia

    This is great advice Lady Sarah! I use La Mer face wash once a week with my Clairsonic type rotating brush-I would never use it more than once a week because I know it can irritate the skin-it’s just that you need a good cleansing so that your products work better to penetrate the skin. Other than that, I use wet cleansing cloths the rest of the week. I need to take your advice about drinking lots of water which I don’t do enough of-it’s good for the complexion and for the body! You made me chuckle with the Big Black Bags comment!! 🙂

  2. pgshore

    I agree with your suggestions (especially the one about drinking lots of water), and want to add one of my own: SUNSCREEN!!! SPF 30, or even higher. I use a not-terribly-expensive sunscreen recommended by my dermatologist: fragrance-free, dye-free, SPF 46. I even put it on if I’m only planning to walk out to the mailbox and back to the house.

    It is tempting to think that sunscreen isn’t necessary on grey winter days, but UVA and UVB rays are just waiting to pounce on our unprotected faces, even in the rain. My dermatologist tells me that if his patients used sunscreen religiously, his practice would be cut in half… and he’d be thrilled!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes SPF is an Excellent addition. Though for London, Our winter daylight is now only a few hours long – we pretty much live on the dark side! The Iope cushion cream has sunscreen so I find that is enough for my skin. Only time will tell if that’s true…

  3. dottoressa

    Great post Lady Sarah
    I think we have dr. Organic here too,have to check
    I completely support you against too agressive cleansing.
    And ,as pgshore said,I use first my Hauschka rose cream and as the second layer Avene tinted SPF cream (my dermatologist recommendation). Now it is a must for me. I have to admit that I used no SPF in the city, except in summer,before,but so far so good.
    I liked Decleor oils or Primrose oil in the evening during wintertime,still thinking what to choose this year

      1. dottoressa

        I hsve used it last winter,either alone or under my cream( I use Hauschka Rose cream,sometimes as a mixture with their Revitalising cream, as a day and as night cream) only in the evening- it might be sun sensitive- Mine Primrose oil is from Nikel,our pharmaceutical brand,awarded abroad,too. It is perfect,skin is soft and nourished.
        And yes(answer to the other post),I live in a climate with usually very cold winters with snow and hot summers.
        I never wisited London between November and March ( maybe will try February next year ) but suppose you don’t have snow (lucky you!). Snow in the city is a nightmare.

      1. lady sarah in london Post author

        Ah great info – thank you again for your help. I was asking because my facialist, uses primrose oil – but only blended with hazelnut oil otherwise too rich for my skin. Depending on skin type she varies the concentration and then adds essential oils as well. These are very volatile products and only last a couple of months- but I can now do them at home on my own. I may do a post on it.

  4. Virginia

    Great post and details. As a lady with (ahem) mature skin, serum is a must! I am now a believer in organic skin care and use the Luminance skin care line in the US. 100% vegan and natural, and of course, cruelty free. Gentle facial cleanser, rose water toner, serum and moisturiser. Less expensive than many department store brands with no chemicals. And my skin is soft and happy😃

    And I completely agree with lots of water! Possibly the only healthy item I consume daily.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Luminance sounds wonderful, post the link if you have it. I don’t think it’s available in Europe , but it would be nice if US readers can track it down. We don’t support affiliated links, but real recommendations are like gold dust. ❤️

      1. lady sarah in london Post author

        Thank you for the link. Looking at their products, they are probably made in small batches and high quality ingredients. It would be very hard to maintain that sort of quality and mass produce. You are buying very exclusively!

  5. SA.

    This is good list to come back and refer to when anyone needs a quick refresher course! We live in one of the driest and hottest places in the US. Water is literally our skin saviour. That Caroline Herons quote – Ha! Alligator skin!! I love a woman with a sense of humor!


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