image.jpegThis incredible Christmas tree, will delight adults & children alike. Especially animal & bird lovers. It has been custom made, using twigs, real, life size birdhouses, sprayed winter white – plus an imaginative selection of little, red breasted robins.

The scale of the tree was magnificent, I'd estimate it to be around 20 feet tall.

The scale of the ‘tree’ was magnificent, I’d estimate it to be around 20 feet tall.

Attention to detail with real pine cones and birdhouse.

Attention to detail, real pine cones and glittering birdhouses.

The 'tree' is decorated with a seemingly endless collection of birdhouses, all different and inhabitent with charming families of red breasted robins.

Decorated with an endless collection, of charming red breasted robins. In little family groups!

Looking for White Christmas gift ideas?
To set the scene, I like to go somewhere really Christmas-sy, like a big hotel, or festive coffee house, park myself comfortably and clear my mind. Then, I make some Christmas gift lists.

Every year I choose to give at least some gift donations – all  well received, without fail. Starting from only £5.00,  this will ensure the wild elephant has a future. A thoughtful and engaging gift, for children and adults alike. I buy mine from here. You can get a monthly or one off  contribution. The lucky recipient of your gift donation will get a certificate and regular updates, as well as a warm glow in the heart.

There is even an option to include a cute little, soft toy elephant for the younger animal lover. Start them early, that’s what they say…

It’s worth remembering that criminal poachers are decimating our elephant population. Poachers are no different to common murderers, many with terrorist links. They do not stop short of killing the park rangers as well. At this rate, in a few years time, there will not be any wild elephants left.

Why should we care? Among compassionate reasons, herds of free roaming Elephants, are essential to support our delicate Eco system – many other animal and plant species rely on the elephant, and so do we.

If the elephant becomes extinct, our own world as we know it becomes even more endangered. The delicate balance of nature gets out of sync, this can result in scarcity of water and resources, bringing further conflict, migration and instability. Affecting every single one of us.

Elephants are mostly hunted and killed for their ivory tusks, subsequently sold in the black market. (Ivory trade is technically illegal, throughout the civilised world).

Corruption and greed, are gradually wiping out these magnificent animals, your gift donation can help to stop this insanity. Give generously as the sayin’ goes, and enjoy a white Christmas.

...and here is me, finishing off my morning cup of coffee and sorting some charity donations...

…and here is me, in magnificent winter white, finishing off my morning cup of coffee -and sorting some charity gift donations…

© Ladysarahinlondon Welcome to the blog of London adventures & wardrobe fixations   Access to password protected posts: To get your password please support our favourite animal charities such as Protecting Elephants  Or rescue a baby Elephant.


7 thoughts on “Christmas gift solutions & Winter White – December in London #3

  1. dottoressa

    I agree with beautiful Christmas trees,salvation of our planet,eco system and protected wild animals and plants. And coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Or As You Like It 🙂


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