Fabulous cocktails

Christmas in London would not be the same, without festive, pre-Christmas drinks.

My super vintage Kelly 28, dates from 1959 - yet still manages to accompany me for cocktails. Perfect for those occasions where a clutch feels 'too precious". Of course, the cocktail ring is the perfect accessory for cocktails.

My super vintage Kelly 28, dates from 1959, yet still manages to accompany me for cocktails. Perfect for those occasions, where a clutch feels “too precious”. Of course, my oversize cocktail ring, makes the perfect accessory for cocktails. Hell, it’s a true statement piece, it did not just accessorise the cocktails, it overshadowed them!

Etiquette & what to wear
Cracking the dress code for those Christmas drinks and fundraisers: according to Hilary Rose of the Times, correct attire is the ‘fake casual dress code’. That’s when someone asks you what you are wearing and you lie through your teeth, ‘oh, I haven’t really thought about it, jeans , flats and some sort of festive sweater…” Then you turn up in Stella McCartney £300 jeans, roger vivier flats and Chanel cashmere top. See? Aggressively Casual.

Cheers everyone! I wore my old cashmere Chanel roll neck. Smart enough for evenings , without trying "too hard".

Cheers everyone! I wore jeans and my old cashmere Chanel roll neck. What do you think -aggressively casual?. .

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12 thoughts on “Christmas preparations-December in London #2 (fake casual dress code)

  1. pgshore

    I simply adore the concept of “fake casual”! The other advantage of your approach is that your outfit is comfortable. Nothing binds, nothing pulls, no (ugh!) shapewear is needed to hold in the bulging bits, so you can relax and enjoy the party.

    By the way, I just love your cocktail ring… what sort of stone is it?

  2. Susan

    In my opinion, everyone looks better, when everyone looks well dressed. In some social circles there is always someone that feels the need to play the reverse snob role. They are making a statement. Something like, “I don’t have to dress designer ($$$) to prove I have wealth.” That said, they can only get away with this when there is no strict dress code at the function location. Some high end restaurants and clubs have very strict dress codes, such as, men must wear jackets and ties, no denim… Individuals will be asked to leave when not in compliance. Optionally, men can borrow a jacket and tie to gain entry.

    Your outfit is lovely. Events like this make for great people watching. A live stage. Susan

  3. silkpathdiary

    Fabulous K and ring – beautiful colour stone – especially love the rawness of it. Your outfit is gorgeous but I had to lol at myself since I must be seething with aggression all this time 🙂

  4. dottoressa

    Fake casual- great! Because we’re worth it! I didn’t even know that I’m fake casual,but like it 🙂 And dress code, too
    Love your ring! And coctails!

  5. Susan

    Fake casual? Never heard of it. Not even sure I can identify it. Comfortable, composed, and elegant, this I know. Loving all the good holiday cheer. Nothing better than sharing cocktails with friends, and getting into the holiday spirit. Enjoy – Susan

  6. SA.

    Aggressively Casual / Fake Casual – I love that. Simply put, it is all about elevating every day basics to the next level. I live by this every day- Most days I succeed. Some days, It just doesn’t cut it.

  7. h

    Hah, I love the idea of fake casual. I feel like that’s everything in New York – you shouldn’t look explicitly fancy but you sure better look expensive. Can’t go wrong with a black cashmere turtleneck though 🙂


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