So December 3rd today and Christmas looming on the horizon.

Since I  refuse to think of Christmas till December, when the inevitable comes, it’s a somewhat insane rush.

Cleaning and decorations– I like to keep it simple with real green. Small trees that can be replanted and “natural” decorations. I am a sucker, for dried frosted orange slices and pine cones. I think I posted last year my Christmas tree. We bought it as a tiny little thing, we put it inside for Christmas and then outside the rest of the year. It has survived this far, though getting a tat too big.

We keep our small (ish) flat, a plastic free zone! I like real green Christmas decorations. Ideally home made, with a few imperfections are best.

We keep our small (ish) flat, a plastic free zone! I like real green Christmas decorations. Ideally home made, with a few imperfections are best.

Real Christmas decorations: frosted slices of orange, lime and whole apples. Cinnamon sticks tied with velvet ribbon are the easiest.

Real Christmas decorations: frosted slices of orange, lime and whole apples. Cinnamon sticks tied with velvet ribbon are the easiest, they look great and leave a subtle aroma for a festive feel.

Beauty & the beast
First things first! There are important beauty appointment to get in, hair, eyebrows and dental hygienist. As usual, I left it all last minute, the dental visit (thankfully just a routine one), will now have to wait till the New Year. The hair has to be done, no matter what, – insane I know, but I like my family to see me with good hair! If you haven’t booked your hair appointment yet, I suggest you do so immediately. In our neck of the woods, there is blood shed as to who gets the last Christmas appointment with Allessandro the Great…( that’s the hair stylist, not the Greek conqueror.)
Christmas & New year party are pretty much sorted – I pre- plan for those, when putting together the fashion budget. This time of year the Kelly pochette gets its money’s worth. And don’t forget Boxing Day! Do you celebrate Boxing Day?
Food is mostly taken care of by Harrods, M&S food hall and of course my mother. Both my sister and I, are completely inept cooks, but we make our contribution by offering to clean, decorate and wrap presents. When I am at home, I try to make sure we are well stocked up for impromptu visitors: making little canapés, little bowls of nuts, miniature mince pies, sherry and champagne. Something for everyone!

Christmas gifts to set the theme for the season...

Christmas gifts to set the theme for the season…

My presents are always wrapped in 'green' material. Much easier to do as no need for smart corners, and I love extravagant real fabric ribbons

Gifts wrapped in ‘green’ material. Much easier to wrap,, as no need for smart corners, love extravagant real fabric ribbons. Inspiration from the one and only Martha Stewart.

Wrapping gifts
Brown paper, string and bits of green pine are my favourites. With touches of luscious red velvet ribbon. (which can be reused year after year.) I love giving presents and well wrapped ones are of course a bonus!

Making my gift lists right now…so you will have to excuse me. Hope your Christmas preparations are going well and are well ahead of mine.

Real Christmas tree with blue lights

Real Christmas tree with blue lights. Imperfections are what make it!

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10 thoughts on “Christmas preparations – December in London#1

  1. dottoressa

    Everything under control here,except dentist,but hope to get appointment soon enough. Advent wreath made as very de-constructed girland of cedar,laurel and ivy branches (holly is protected plant here,so no cheating!),hairdresser-check,pedicure-check,restaurant-made a reservation for a lunch (here is tradition to eat cod broth on Christmas Eve). I will make some fish dish for dinner with my parents,but no fuss, Christmas chez maman, Boxing day with friends (have to make goose liver pate but what can I do,they are friends who like it)
    I like to cook,no problem,but Christmas is not about slave work than to enjoy time with family and friends ,or going out or reading a book.
    Last year you (and Martha!)gave me an idea and I did wrap presents in brown paper tied them with coral coloured raffia and some greens. They were perfect.
    I like Advent and Christmas time but try to avoid centre of the city and shopping centres as much as I can. We have Advent in Zagreb,manifestation with thousands things happening,concerts,,mulled wine,cooked rakiya or prosseco drinking (this part is actually good),there are little stalls as pop up restaurants or shops,ice park for skating,performances, too many people. You can’t park a needle and not the car. I can only imagine how it is in London

  2. dottoressa

    I did,but it is dried cod fish (or torrfisk in norvegian) and when preparing a brodetto (broth or stew ), the whole house smells for days. So ,I’m going to make fresh monkfish filets in wine and tomatoes ( =brodetto). For couple of years we are going for codfish “brodetto” in a restaurant ( I would be perfectly fine with smoked salmon on rye bread but tradition is tradition)
    You are brave (for skating). I was always bad in wintersports (except drinking mulled wine by the fire)
    Have a nice weekend !

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Your food sounds so delicious. I love fish soup, but don’t really know how to make it and when I last attempted to cook bouillabaisse, the neighbours virtually threatened to move out. traditional fish dishes are the best.

      1. dottoressa

        It is not complicated at all, if you get good fish. If you like,I can write some recipes for you,simplefied :-),step by step. Even for a dried cod brudetto,but than you’ll have to move out

  3. Marie

    No I don’t feel very organised this year except for the hair appointment which has been booked for months! I have still got cards to write and gifts to buy and wrap. We are supporting the local toy appeal and appeal for the homeless this year. I have my first Christmas meal with work colleagues tomorrow night. Enjoy your preparations!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      You know, I think you really clarified the point of Christmas for me, thank you so much Marie! Giving to charities and going for festive drinks with friends & family. (And good hair of course😃) For years we ve been brainwashed into shopping excessively and decorating till we dropped dead – which doesn’t exactly make for a happy holiday.

  4. Virginia

    Dear Lady Sarah, your decor looks and sounds lovely. And I’m sure it smells divine as well. I shall be spending Christmas with my client and her family this year. They are very friendly folks, and it will be fun. Traditional American dinners of turkey, ham, mashed and sweet potatoes, veggies, rolls, cookies and pies! All very fattening and tasty.
    My hair and nail appts. are set for Dec., and my dental was done in Nov. Sadly, I have no fancy dress occasions but I shall live vicariously through yours! Please keep us posted!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Ah traditional American Christmas- the envy of the civilised world. Sounds wonderful. We don’t dress too fancy for Christmas, it’s all about festive jumpers, cosy socks (and may be joke earnings.) New year’eve tends to be the dressier affair.


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