Casual London dressing

Return to the motherland!

Home coming is one of the best parts of travel. As much as one might long for adventure or hotel luxury and carefree life, it feels good to be back. Lady Beatrice is always delighted to see us. Plus, I miss the shortcomings of my flat, the splendour of our green parks and the ease of London fashion.

London is now officially one of the most stylish cities in the world, and we enjoy our fashion week, rumoured to be one of the best. London way of dressing is more individual (though, perhaps, somewhat less polished) than some of our European Neighbours. We don’t tend to follow fashion, we pretty much create it, for others to follow.

Londoners have a certain fearlessness in matters of dressing. Second hand or vintage takes pride of place. Often cleverly mixed with a high street find or two, or perhaps a treasured designer item, now and then. Comfort is important, you can always tell true Londoners (sometimes even their postcode!) from their choice of footwear, and we dress for function, rather than decoration. (Interesting article here) We tend to be practical, rather than frivolous, without sacrificing style.

London street style SW style...

London lady style – very SW and note the minimal accessories.

London dressing

London dressing is casual: no heavy handed colour matching, yes to clean lines & good fabrics

Casual London style...

Casual London style…chunky boots and trench.

Back to our beloved London: Is it the most stylish city in the world?What do you think? And don’t forget our fast fashion fast… We need updates.

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13 thoughts on “Back to our beloved London: Is it the most stylish city in the world?

  1. Koraljka Bozic

    There is no place like home! It is great to travel,but it is so good to be back.
    Yes,indeed,I agree,London is stylish in such a special way and I like it very much. People are less follower,they create their own fashion identity,they look cool,very individual,they dress to show a person,not the outfit.
    And as I said,nowdays it is more about style than fashion designers commands
    I bought silk tee and tank from Eileen fisher,they declare very green politics ,so I suppose that is ok 🙂

    1. Virginia

      Excellent choice Dottoressa, Eileen Fisher is my go to designer for sustainable high end fashion. One of the only designers to make plus size clothes in organic cotton and linen! Have you been to her website? She explains everything about her eco friendly operations.

      1. dottoressa

        Thank you Virginia 🙂
        Yes,I like their clothes very much,but we can’t buy them in Croatia. Shipping from US is very expensive ,UK is not shipping to C. and I wasn’t sure about sizes,it is always better to try before first buy. I adore organic linen,silk and cotton,so hard to find
        Have a nice weekend

  2. silkpathdiary

    Welcome home! To the rain … 🙂 I love that London encourages individual style.
    I’m still good on the fast fashion front. Indulged in more cashmere and a few other bits to complete this season’s shopping. I do tend to buy more in the A/W.

  3. Virginia

    Dear Lady Sarah, as my London style icon, I consider you the source of all things wonderful in one of the western world’s most cosmopolitan cities. I love the concept of combining vintage, traditional and modern as you do so well. Keep making London beautiful and green!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Goodness me – I am blushing and love you so much! Which goes to show how people are so susceptible to flattery😃❤️ I do like London fashion, what can I say? I think we are more relaxed than say the impeccable French….but we still wear actual clothes unlike for instance some of our super fit, US cousins, who go around dressed in sportswear pretty much permanently.

      1. Virginia

        Oh my word yes! Football jerseys endlessly! Athletic leisure! As I live in a rural area I never see a man dressed in anything else. At least the women sometimes wear otherwise, but the athleisure is rampant and not because they are going to the gym I assure you!

        In any event your style accolades are well deserved. Your new motto “Keeping London Beautiful and Green!”

      1. Archana Paladugu

        I have no idea. Only read and looked at photographs. I need to visit Paris to make this assessment. And London, I spent a day. Definitely not in a position to answer that question.

  4. Susan

    Welcome home. As great as travel can be returning to all the comforts of home is nice. I agree Londoners definitely have their own devoted sense of style. This can be a very wide range. One of the best things about London!


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