Welcome to My London for a Short Autumn Break…

…and prepare for a shock. London is very expensive, crowded, with an abundance of overpriced, mediocre restaurants. Oh- and it rains a lot, all the blooming time.

For heavens sake, don't forget the Oyster card.

Getting around is a quite a challenge, for heavens sake, don’t forget the Oyster card.

getting around is a nightmare
Buy an oyster card the minute you arrive. You will have to fight your way to get a bus or ‘the tube’. Black cabs are plentiful, and in my view, good value. You get an experienced, safe driver, someone who has spend over two years, studying the streets of London. (the knowledge) Please don’t attempt to drive yourself, we detest tourists who have no idea where they are going and keep blocking the congested roads. Cycling is only for the brave, the foolish, or those trained in the elite special forces.

a bed for the night
Don’t get me started. we have some of the smallest flats in the world. (except perhaps Japan or Manhattan, which I hear are also very small. I can vouch for Manhattan, but never been to Japan, so any imput from our Japanese readers would be appreciated.)

Good London hotel

For a mini break its nice to find a good hotel with all the bells and whistles.

It would follow that hotel rooms are equally expensive. expect to pay around £250.00 per night for a small, but comfortable room with top facilities. ( (hotel suggestion) If facilities are not a big deal for you, there are Bed & Breakfast places which are somewhat better value, but don’t expect much. When I go abroad, I like to stay somewhere with historical interest, but whatever your preference – Do make sure you book somewhere central, as there is no point in spending your precious time here, in a congested road, travelling from A to B.

Comfortable room with a view in central London. It will cost.

Comfortable room with a view in central London. It will cost an arm and a leg…

what to pack
Pack light so you can move around with ease. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Comfortable shoes, a warm jumper and maybe a trench or a parka. London is one of the most stylish cities in the world, do not dress like a mountaineer. Life is our catwalk people and we do judge by appearances, sorry!

London is one of the most stylish cities in the world, one is expected to look effortlessly chic, individuality is also highly priced.

London is one of the most stylish cities in the world, one is expected to look effortlessly chic, individuality is also highly priced.

An umbrella is probably the most important accessory. Of course, it’s safe to carry expensive handbags, what do you think we do round here? Just don’t leave them open with a written invitation “please rob me, I am a tourist”
Every autumn there is this hankering for a city mini break and a well packed bag…(You could always catch the Eurostar train for a long weekend in Paris,)


Coffee at caffe Nero- ask for a proper cup, no take away paper cup please. Though be warned, the espresso is strong, but then you’ll need it to get through the day. We are grateful to the Italians for bringing us good coffee.

what to do
There is something for everyone as the saying goes “when you are tired of London you are tired of life” see post 10 top things to do in London.

There is always something to do...

There is always something to do…

Wake up early and grab a cup of coffee at caffe Nero, (or at the Wolseley if you are hankering for silver coffee pots) beat the crowds to visit an exhibition (maybe the British museum?) fancy  a spot of shopping?  ( just don’t fall for any of the four major shopping errors)  Liberty is one of my favourite places, but there are many more…Bond Street for instance.)

It's a good time to check out the new collections.

It’s a good time to check out the new collections. Make a bee line for Bond Street…

lunch at Selfridges (Aubaine has great ‘catch (fish) of the day ” meal- and carry on with an afternoon museum visit.

Anyone shares my obsession for the amazing London architecture?

Anyone shares my obsession for the amazing London architecture?

Maybe the Wallace Collection nearby? Leisurely afternoon tea and then stagger back to the hotel room, for a hot bath and dress up for dinner.

If the days adventures have left anyone unable to walk, hail a taxi to Pied a Terre (Michelin star for dinner) and then Bon nuit! Sleep well till the morning when you will have to do that all over again.

this says it all...

this says it all…enjoy!


I love London and would not want to live somewhere else, I love the rain, the tiny million pound flats and the expense of it all. What can I say? No logic to it.

Prepare for it and you will have a wonderful time!

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12 thoughts on “‘When you are tired of London you are tired of life’- autumn mini break

  1. Marie

    I never tire of visiting London! Love it. If we book our train tickets 12 weeks in advance we can get a very good deal.

  2. dottoressa

    You are a gem,dear Lady Sarah! And so nice. Thank you again for your suggestions,I’m just finishing my plan schedule. Please,which room do you like best in British museum? I’ve seen Egypt,Rome,Greece,Aphaganistan(temporary exibition)and medieval Europe/ GB,one at the time.
    And,of course,I’ll try to make a reservation for tea there 🙂
    Everything you said is true but I love London and am very happy to visit every time,so I can imagine how happy you are to live there!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Tough question- like asking which child you’d grab first if there was a fire… Depends on your interests really, and don’t forget that the British museum collection is vast, only a few items are on display at any given time, so they keep changing them. I love the renaisance room, the Buddha room, the Japan room, the Parthenon room….😃 tea is much easier, you don’t always need to book and 20% discount for members.

  3. Blue

    Hi lady Sarah
    Somewhat off topic, but could u please share some uk cashmere brands, I think you have mentioned brora a before… Are there any other brands you recommend i am looking for cashmere sweaters made in Scotland… Thanks a lot, it’s a pleasure to read your posts

  4. Susan

    I also enjoy the theater in London. Not only are the theaters, historic beauties with outstanding architecture, but the wide selection of performances is like no other. When in London, definitely book a show.


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