The life changing magic of tidying.
The bible of tidiness, Marie Kondo, the undisputed queen of decluttering shares her konmari method.

The book can be summarised in a few simple lines:
# Get rid of everything you own, in one go – except things that ‘bring you joy’
# Organising systems and gadgets don’t work, so, don’t waste your money buying ‘systems’ for storage purposes. In fact don’t put things in storage. They get sad!
# Just get rid of “stuff”. Cleaning will be so much easier. Life will be a joy and our true purpose will be revealed.
# Don’t keep things, because they have ‘value’. ie the cost a lot of money. This is particularly tough with clothes that were expensive but do not flatter. We are afraid to ‘waste’ money, but the money has already been spend and now our energy is being wasted.
# Don’t keep something because it may come in handy, ‘one day’.
# To make the process easier she suggests we ‘thank’ the item, before we throw it away. (Marie Kondo is not big on recycling and does not endorse giving things away.)

Only then we can truly start organising and we will discover there is plenty of room for everything.

The Lady Sarah take: 
As someone who lives in a small London flat with very little storage space, I find her theory most appealing.
Although it was not possible for me, to meet konmari’s standards of perfection, she is quite right about a lot of things. I do have enough space and don’t need more storage or a bigger flat. I just need to be very selective about the things that surround me. Keeping only things that spark joy and more importantly only ever bring in things that spark joy.
The book also has some nifty clothes folding ideas. Fuel for my organised drawer frenzy. Worth reading just for that!

I organised my drawers using the konmari method.

I organised my drawers using the konmari method.

Finally, enough space for everything as I only kept things that “spark joy”.

My seasonal storage. (the book advises against all but the most extreme weather items for storing)

My seasonal storage. (the book advises only clothes for the most extreme weather kept in storage, thus avoids hoarding which views as a disease)

Those not quite ready for the full konmari method, (and who is?) free simple decluttering warm – up here.

More essential reading here.

More essential reading here.

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7 thoughts on “Essential reading: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      There are whole chapters devoted to this and I oversimplified it a bit, so it’s best if you get hold of her book to read it. Basically she thinks that everything needs to leave the house ASAP or it won’t get done. I never throw anything away myself, even scraps of food are recycled in our household😃 and of course good things go to charity shops.

  1. Marie

    I have just read this book too. I did enjoy it and have started putting it into practice. I will be recycling though and have my bag ready for the charity shop.

  2. dottoressa

    As you know, I read the book and find it interesting and inspired. I like especially ” keeping things that sparkle joy”. I like your konmari method of folding tees. Do you need to iron them before going out?
    Believe it or not,I have only drawers in my writing desk! I have to buy a couple of boxes to try folding
    And,of course,we have to adjust the method ( I couldn’t take all things out of my bag every day and put in their places,it would end with disaster the next day. Their places are IN the bag.)and give things away to charity,especially now,as we did before

  3. Archana Paladugu

    My mother is a Marie Kondo in disguise. Growing up with her, this is all I heard. An obsessive compulsive urge to tidy and organize. I read the book, it reminded me of the disciplining in childhood and I immediately put it away.

    I did start folding my clothes again though.

    I think I have the same gray/black stripes tshirt as in the photograph. Is it from Majestic Paris ?


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