The Paris trip was not a success.

It started off with a mild headache, which soon became a massive migraine. So, I spend most of my time wallowing, in the (admittedly) luxurious hotel room, waiting for it to go away. If you are going to be ill on holiday, do make sure you’ve booked a nice room, to be ill in.

Anyway, gradually felt better, and now relieved to be back home enjoying a quiet cup of tea with my LSH (long suffering husband.) He made this for me, (hence the tea bag) so no complaints. Observe the thoughtful addition of butter biscuits.

Feeling practically human again, making a list to restock our tea supplies for the autumn season. And of course rearrange the wardrobe to suit cooler days ahead…

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18 thoughts on “My autumn cup of tea…

  1. happyface313

    🙂 You poor thing! What a royal pain!
    I hope you had enough meds with you to tide you over the terrible migraine.
    The tea looks good, the cookie delicious!
    Get well and have a very good start into the new week 🙂

  2. Virginia

    So sorry Paris was not a pleasant experience this trip. I did not realize you suffer migraines, a most troublesome ailment, and runs in my family. Glad you are back home and relaxed, and sweet of LSH to make you tea. Hope Lady Beatrice is giving love also.

  3. pgshore

    I am so sorry your weekend away was spoiled? I totally relate to migraine pain (ugh!) and I do hope you travel with your migraine meds. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better now… have a good week.

  4. dottoressa

    I am really sorry.,especially because of migraines,and of course, a spoiled trip. Above all it is important that you are better now. Take care,your LSH is making great tea for the moment ( and planning new trip,I hope),little nurse aka Lady Beatrice will help. Don’t go to fast (looking your books….),take a rest till fully recovered

  5. Marie

    Oh no so sorry you have not been feeling well. And in Paris too what a shame. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Look after yourself.

  6. choosewellbuyfew

    So sorry for the terrible migrane! But hope it went away quickly with the help of a luxurious hotelroom!
    Can you list your favorite teas to enjoy at home? I really want to update my tea collection with the very best to get me trough the fall and winter


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