Well packed suitcase

Among my many psychosis, is the on going quest for a perfectly packed suitcase.

You know the sort of thing, the epitome of capsule wardrobe, the perfect palette, comfort and above all – travelling light!

I haven’t quite perfected my packing system, though as they say ‘practice makes perfect’.

We are in fact about to catch the Eurostar train for a long weekend in Paris. Hope you have some plans to make the most of the autumn season too.

Don't forget!

Don’t forget!

Every autumn there is this hankering for a city mini break and a well packed bag…Let me know if you are planning an autumn mini break – would love to hear from you.

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17 thoughts on “Autumn mini break and impossibly perfect packing…

  1. Virginia

    I’m quite jealous of your long Paris weekend. Looking forward to yummy food and lovely scenery posts. Perhaps a shopping photo or two? Oh, and your packing is divine!

  2. Heidi

    Enjoy your mini break LS! I have perfected packing on a carryon – I actually managed a two week trip to Europe (from Australia) with one. But I did take a suitcase for the things I bought along the way! My biggest tip is to never take too many shoes. I had three (including the pair I wore on the plane). Crush proof clothing and layers are also key. Happy travels x

    1. Stacie300

      great tip – especially about the shoes. They really bulk up the suitcase. I also love the packing cubes Lady Sarah shows in her photo.

  3. dottoressa

    You are great with packing,Lady Sarah,I’m not so good( and as my light Samsonite is so easy to travel….)
    Packing for autumn and spring are a nightmare,no?
    I hope to have a weekend in September in northern Adriatic……
    Enjoy in Paris (lucky you :-))and have no problem in Tunnel

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      This is from a packing lesson, I did say I have a packing / travelling light psychosis. 😊 the tunnel was ok thank you for asking. You know threre is a big problem now with refugees immigrants….

  4. happyface313

    🙂 I see you use the MUJI system for your shirts etc. Does it really help?
    It looks good… 🙂
    Enjoy your trip – looking forward to a roundup of a lovely weekend in Paris 🙂

  5. Helena B

    Dear Lady Sarah – would you consider doing a dedicated packing post? to show the best way to pack nicely and still have everything you need? thank you in advance and love the blog. and donated to the elephant charity. yours, Helena


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