classic shopping error# 2 (How to stop wasting money buying clothes you never wear)

A true shopping disaster, clothes banished to be hidden in the wardrobe. Almost all of us have fallen for this one…shopping error # 2

# 2 Error: Buying uncomfortable clothes 
In this category, include physically uncomfortable clothes, (ie too tight,  itchy etc) but also stylistically out of our comfort zone (ie items that made me feel vaguely ridiculous, when I did try to wear them)

Clothes, that did not fit my style, but “everyone” was wearing them.

Who has ever bought one of these: skinny jeans that were so skinny, they cut off our circulation, real or “faux'” leather pants that cling to the flesh, (making you feel clummmy, you can’t wash them and they make you too hot or too cold,) items that are so baggy, you  keep tripping over the folds, (and look like a sack of potatoes,) and shoes that truly require you to amputate a couple of toes to fit…

Some of these clothes are perfectly good items, in themselves, but just not our style, not our fit. …it’s so easy to get swayed!

True style is about being comfortable. There are no seasonal 'must haves' : is all about Dressing like we want to, not like anyone else dictates.

True style is about comfort – moving with ease, that’s true luxury. Life is our catwalk people!

Comfort vs scruffiness
The two concepts are quite different. If you buy quality clothes and avoid the fast fashion traps you can be comfortable and look alluring at the same time.

For example, when you buy a t shirt for daily wear, pay the same attention as if choosing the catwalk dress of the season.

When I buy something I check the fabric content before even considering the cut. Clothes from H&M, Banana Republic, even casual wear from GAP, rarely offer true comfort. They are made for maximum profit, with cheap materials and exploited labour, basically they are made by people who do not understand fashion.

Developing personal style
One of the reasons I started this blog, was I could not believe the ridiculousness of the outfits in some other people’s “fashion” blogs. I never buy anything to wear especially for posting and never ever, wear something just for a photo opportunity. All my outfits are from real life. (hence real life headings)

Stylishness needs to be cultivated daily and for every god damn activity. Never separate your outfits into ‘comfortable’ vs ‘stylish’, All our clothes should be comfortable and a joy to wear! The sort of person who thinks it’s fine to wear stained GAP t shirts in bed, (or quelle horreur, on holiday!) has really missed the opportunity to cultivate personal style. Life is our catwalk people!

Understanding good fit & styling 
Since fast fashion has taken over, the average buyer rarely understands what is quality or what is good fit. People confuse constant shopping with personal style.
Aside from causing huge environmental problems, (who cares about the environment? We all should, since we live here after all..) cheap clothes make us look awful. They are usually a poor fit (cut to save money, not to make anyone look good).

Shop slowly, try a size up and a size down.
If you have tons of cheap fast fashion in all likelihood you have nothing to wear that allows your loveliness to blossom. (I repeat –  there is no designer handbag that will save a bad outfit, so shift the priorities.)You can tell cheap clothes from the way they drape and stick out in the wrong places- their cut and finish is “off”. It takes a little bit of training but anyone can learn, ( see recreational shopper to serious fashionista) to spot quality and understand good fit.
Can you perform the pirouette?
Good fit brings comfort. As a bare minimum, We should be able to breathe fully, in our clothes. The ability to hop & skip, is an added bonus and do not underestimate that…

There are no seasonal 'must haves' - personal style is about comfort.

There are no seasonal ‘must haves’ – personal style is about comfort.

Comfort is the mother of finesse.

Comfort is the mother of finesse.

Elegance is comfort: The ability to hop & skip, is an added bonus and do not underestimate that...

Elegance is comfort: The ability to hop & skip, is an added bonus and do not underestimate that…

Next post: shopping error # 3
Who can guess the remaining classic shopping errors?

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16 thoughts on “classic shopping error# 2 (How to stop wasting money buying clothes you never wear)

  1. dottoressa

    “Life is our catwalk”,I like this,no,I adore this! This should be our mantra!
    I had once beautiful dress, with half-sphere buttons all way down on the back. I bought it for my friends wedding. I was buying it with my mother who had to know better 🙂 Imagine sitting half the evening 🙂 So, I have beautiful photos,and I gave it away at once,without regret (yes ,I could have change the buttons )
    It is interesting,when I think about people in my life, with best style were those who had only few outfits of best quality. I love my clothes ( hello Marie Kondo !) and remember f.e. all my coats and boots.
    Can’t wait the next episode

      1. dottoressa

        I find it very interesting ( the method,I read the book),some thoughts are similar to how I feel ,but I couldn’t declutter all at once. I could not throw out all my bills and documents ( and I have a lot of them),because I’m not living in such perfectly ordered country as she is. I have only a few drawers and a lot of open space wardrobe,so I’m a failure 🙂
        But I like a part to have only things you love! It only seems, I love too many things. I have to learn a lot,no? I’ m making some progress ,still!

  2. Susan

    Comfort is very important. I also never buy clothing that requires ‘adjusting’ when wearing. For example,,. adjusting a collar that doesn’t sit straight or a belt that slides right to left. Shoes must also be right for the occasion but also comfortable.

    My experience is, when you buy right, clothing and shoes last for many years. Today I wore a silk tunic over shorts and the tunic is about 15 years old. It is classic and timeless. Several people asked me where I bought the tunic.

    I also tend to wear what I like and what makes me feel comfortable vs. what is currently in style or in vogue. I am less interested in what is in style. I find knowing my style and choosing well is key.

  3. pgshore

    I no longer make Error #2, but only because about ten years ago I came to the conclusion (after a life-threatening illness) that life is too short to wear clothes that hurt. For example, the reality is that my bottom (sigh) is one size larger than my top. So finding comfortable dresses has always been well-nigh impossible. The moment I switched to pretty and well-coordinated skirts and tops, my problem was solved!

    And, really, there is very little difference between a black dress versus a black sweater with a black skirt. In fact, the skirt/sweater combination is far more versatile, because each can then be paired with something else. Now I can buy size 8 sweaters and size 10 skirts, feel comfortable for hours, and look stylish, all at the same time.

  4. Archana Paladugu

    Guilty of this ! I bought pointed toe flats that were torture devices. They looked so gorgeous though. I waited to ‘break them in’. Never happened. They were unbelievably painful and I gave them away to a friend. Wasted money. She is currently being tortured by those shoes. Another friend of mine feels the same way about her Loubs. And considering the price paid, she is unable to let them go.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Shoes are the most difficult item to buy – you can’t tell straight away how uncomfortable they are. I tried pretty shoes on- they seem fine, but two hours later they morph into a torture device, as you say…😱 nowadays I know the shape of my feet and buy only from those brands that consistently design for that.

      1. Archana Paladugu

        Oh you should see how women dress for clubbing in America. They can hardly breathe in dresses so tight …. are always holding their dresses down because they are short and ride up or the strapless dress is sliding off ….. and which mortal can walk in 6 inch heels ? Except the Kardashians ofcourse. I want to walk up to them and tell them “life is going to be okay without all of this. Please buy shoes you can walk in.”

        1. lady sarah in london Post author

          It’s the same here! I fear in my clubbing days, I used to Wear horrific things- we live & learn- there are photos to prove it. 😄Clubbing is Not so fashionable nowadays- more people go to festivals, so outfits have evolved…

  5. Liesbeth

    I love comfort. Funnily I’ve noticed that the more I pay attention to comfort, the more stylish my homewear has become. Maybe because the line between daywear and loungewear is actually beginning to fade as my daywear gets comfier – who needs an old, worn-out printed free giveaway t-shirt when you can wear a soft, basic organic cotton tee as well that brings you no shame when someone rings your bell unexpectedly :).

  6. Sharron

    My style lesson began around 10 years ago regarding comfort. I worked for next (i had 4 little children at home under 8, i could only work evenings) We had to wear current collection as uniform. One such season i bought a beautiful emerald green blouse, boxy with a lovely neckline and sleeve length, the fit was perfect and the colour really complemented my skin and eyes. I wore it for the first time to work and oh my days!!! Within half an hour i had the most wet underarm patches on my blouse and it ‘stuck’ to my back i remember feeling extremely self concious and uncomfortable. I remember thinking that the blouse cost £25 retail but surely if they had of made it in cotton, linen or silk people would pay double and then we would have a blouse that could actually be worn. I have since become OBSESSED with fibre content of clothes, and get really frustrated when a beautiful blouse, t shirt by a higher end high street store use synthetics. i want to scream from the rooftops ‘ Make it in natural comfortable, good quality fibres and i will buy’ I have an extremely limited budjet and i simply can not afford to make mistakes. Afterall i wear t shirts and jeans most days, with a jumper come winter, it can’t be that hard?!! And yet it is, i even struggle with people tree and the ethical clothing companies. Although i am about to try Gossyipium for their organic cotton t shirts, fingers crossed!
    Loving this series Lady Sarah
    Sharron x

    P.s i’m a kondo fan too, but apart from the folding method i already had most of it covered, the more i thinkabout it the more i think im an extreme minimalist 🙂

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I so relate to this! Thank you for taking the time to add your experience. Next do lovely designs, but I think the fabric content lets them down. As you say if the same blouse was in cotton or silk we could actually wear it! 😄 most synthetics are unwearable. Please let me know what you think of gosipium when you try them. X


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