Heavenly underwear

Heavenly underwear –  to look and feel divine.

Divine underwear, is a sadly neglected fashion subject. Far too many women, (and men for that matter) spend their days, enduring unnecessary pain, by wearing uncomfortable shoes and/or the wrong underwear. Things that are too tight, too itchy, too synthetic, and ride up in uncomfortable places.

During summer months, I change my daily  fashion ‘uniform’. The skinny jeans get a rest and I start wearing loose skirts and shift dresses on a regular basis. French knickers are a wonderful way to stay cool, and compliment that look.

French knickers in pure silk. Modelling shots coming up...

French knickers in pure silk. My LSH (long suffering husband) refused to allow real life fashion photos… Nonetheless I will post some…

I love natural fabrics and for city summer wear, seeking nothing, but the very best  in pure satin silk. If you want to stay cool, Satin silk is perfect for hot & humid weather. These French knickers came from good old Marks & Spencer. Low maintenance, machine washable (which is a must for real life) and sublime to the touch. High feel-good factor and low on lace and frou frou embelishments, which I am allergic to. Excellent all round!

How to choose
Clearly you have to try these on! A size up and a size down. Big department stores tend to have good lingerie departments. My personal London favourites, are Fenwicks in Bond Street and Marks Spencer’s in Marble Arch. Both have a good range and spacious boudoir style changing rooms.

Celebrate the wardrobe upgrade
Be prepared to spend a good couple of hours trying things without having to to rush. Afterwards book some restorative afternoon tea nearby – (perhaps add something stronger on the side), to recover and celebrate the wardrobe upgrade. Marks Spencer’s only carry their own brand, but if you like them, there is the added advantage that you can order on line, as easily available. I always check the care and fabric content label. Washable and silk is good, dry clean only and/or synthetic is bad- very very bad.
My underwear drawer

Thought of the day: life is too short to carry cheap handbags and wear acrylic underwear.

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8 thoughts on “Wardrobe upgrades: silk french knickers (from quality in our wardrobe series)

  1. dottoressa

    M&S,really? Look very nice! Something to check next time( no silk or cashmire for us in local m & s,well,well)
    Pure silk and pure cotton for me,too! Isn’t it ridiculous that some lingerie brands have only nice synthetic and ugly cotton?
    I may not comment for a while,comments through mobile phone seem to be lost and I don’t have internet in apartement!

      1. dottoressa

        Thank you for a link. I’m travelling with a couple of Palmers ones(brand mentioned before) with camisole as sleeping outfit
        It depends. I’m planning 20 days (oh-la-la), but who knows!
        We have long hollidays ,like four weeks,but a lot of people could’t take it at once or when they like

  2. Marie

    These are lovely. I was surprised when you said M and S. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear and shoes!

  3. Susan

    Agreed, comfort and quality materials are a high priority. Love the French knickers! Thanks for sharing. For our cold winter months I like the LL Bean silk long johns. They come in various weights. I have one of each. Also the lightest weight goes underneath jeans and dress slacks, this added layer helps keep the cold/dampness out and warmth in, all without adding bulk. Cozy! No lace but very practical and best of all warm. Susan

      1. Susan

        Currently it is 80 degrees in Carlisle, MA, USA. Carlisle is a small rural town, a suburb of Boston, MA. Our summer months range from 70-90+ degrees. Winters bring snow, ice and even a rain mix. Temperatures range from well below zero to 40 degrees in the sun. Last Winter was very cold and for a while we had 5 feet of snow. The LL Bean silk long johns came in very handy.


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