Vacation afternoon tea English obsession.

It’s a little bit of a cliché, but everything stops for afternoon tea.

Whatever else may be happening, I like to have some tea every afternoon. Vacations are no exception, and no matter how high the temperatures,  we still have a pot of tea. (I have been known to travel with my own teabags, but please don’t tell anyone …) In fact, hot tea is quite cooling during hot weather – and a better option than iced drinks.

Lady Sarah’s quick guide for summer tea.
In the summer I favour a lighter, greener tea, like green jasmine or white tea. (Types like : Silver peony & white needle are good basic ones to start with). Loose leaf is usually best, but it is also possible to find excellent quality teabags –  for those occasions when life demands a tea bag.

Green/white tea
Never, ever, use boiling water for those delicate green tea leaves, the temperature will kill the delicate flavour and destroy the healthy antioxidants. Drink immediately after brewing. Green tea should in fact look pale green, if it looks brown it’s already oxidised and in all likelihood has an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. Generally white and green tea are best enjoyed plain with no milk or sugar, though some like to sweeten them with a little honey.

Health & Beauty benefits
There are many amazing claims for green tea and fantastic health benefits – not all of them are supported by scientific evidence. In any case these claims include, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, stabilising healthy weight and offering some protection against tumour growth. More research is needed to verify those claims, but all looks promising, Acquiring a healthy tea habit may be worthwhile, I have done my own research, and it does seem to have a beneficial effect on creating beautiful, clear skin. I consider daily cups of green tea, combined with regular yoga an essential part of my beauty regime.

Incredible as it may sound, tea will always taste better in a china or porcelain cup, avoid plastic and paper like the devil. It is important to turn this into an enjoyable ritual, slow down and savour.

Do you have a favourite afternoon tea? And do you believe the alleged health benefits?

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11 thoughts on “Simple Summer Afternoon tea by the sea…

  1. Virginia

    Green jasmine is an excellent choice for summer, and I completely agree about travelling with your own tea. One never knows what may be available. I believe the pleasure of afternoon tea (in china cups!) provides its own health benefits in addition to those you have mentioned. Hope you are savoring your Holiday tea!

  2. dottoressa

    I like afternoon tea( and sometimes in the morning). And it comes naturally to me to go for green or white tea in summer,without sugar or honey,just a beautiful cup (I’m sure that paper or plastic cups, beside that tea is tasteless,have some negative health effects). My favourites are pain mu tang in whites( left some loose leaf package at the adriatic,lookin forward to go there again)and green or green with lemongrass. Earl grey and vanilla cream in colder days. I still have to investigate different harvestes of darjeeling
    I agree with all above mentioned health benefits ,and there are even more
    And teas are very good choice in places with suspect water quality
    Support your habit to travel with teabags. Me too
    I very rarely drink afternoon tea outside my home,or a hotel room,there are only few places to be completelly please
    Except of course in UK (and I drank very good jasmin tea in Berlin):-)


  3. Steve Morris

    Nowadays it’s possible to buy green tea even in the lowliest motorway service station, although just yesterday we had lunch in a pub that didn’t serve it 😦

      1. Steve Morris

        I’m a massive green tea drinker! Jasmine tea is my preferred option. I much prefer the taste of green tea, and of course the health benefits are a bonus too.

  4. Antonia

    I drink one cup of coffee every morning but I love green tea in the afternoon-I’m drinking Zen right now. I was drinking Good Earth Slimming Tea but I can’t find it anymore. 😦

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Hi Antonia, how nice to hear from you. Good earth slimming tea appears to be discontinued, it was a herbal infusion. 😦 we are in France now -,they are obsessed with slimming teas here, you can get them even at a supermarket. No idea if they work, but some taste pretty good.


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