To be honest, I regret booking this holiday.

What with the recent horror in Tunisia, and the financial crisis in Greece, not to mention my own on going battles against the evil Borgias… One questions our sanity, is it the right time to go for holidays and relaxation?

But then it so rarely is the “right” time, so one just tries to prepare and get on with it. I avoid flying as much as I can, so taking the train yet again and hope for the best. My luggage is light so that’s a good start…

Being an advocate for ‘light packing’, I travel with minimum baggage. These five items though, are carefully selected, for their lightness and versatility – absolute essentials: Allowing my style potential, fully blossom…

1. A well-cut, flattering swimsuit. It took me ages to find this, having tried on at least eleven unflattering ones. (some were really scary!) Remember, it is never your fault if you don’t look good in a bikini. You just haven’t found the right one. (same goes for jeans and coats). This was expensive from Lisa Marie Fernandez, but hope it will last for many seasons, provided I don’t go crazy with my strawberries & creams allowance and keep the daily yoga regime going strong.


2. A simple cover up for the beach or poolside. In pure cotton and large enough to be tied into a sarong style dress. Mine was inexpensive and was bought on holiday from Thailand, infused with good memories. Can be transformed to a long skirt, perfection for casual lunches or drinks at the hotel bar. Also good for sightseeing to use as a shawl, when visiting churches or monuments.


3. Stylish, waterproof flip flops. These are Chanel and I bought them in 2007, (excellent cost per wear value!) – still as good as new. I look after them, packing them stuffed, in a shoe bag. At the end of the season I thoroughly wash & carefully dry them, before storing away. They get lots of use, as my casual resort evening shoes, so packing remains very light indeed. Even I am pleasantly surprised, how well these have lasted…thought I’d have to replace them this year but no…still divine.


4. Straw hat. A pain to pack actually, but an essential aide to high SPF, adding an aura of mystique to my appearance. I adore wearing hats and I am damned if I will let this opportunity to wear them pass me by!


5. Some dry oil. Nuxe gives a little golden glow, so I don’t frighten the locals with my ghostly whiteness….smells divine and hydrates the skin, the face, the hair even…


Remember: when preparing your summer wardrobe think quality and avoid suspiciously cheap clothes. Factor in longevity. Questions to ask before buying: will I still want to be wearing this in 5 years time? Does it allow my tres chic potential to blossom? Is it useful as well as beautiful?

So- your own summer holiday essentials? for cool and tres chic?

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8 thoughts on “Travelling in style: five summer holiday essentials

  1. Virginia

    May one inquire where you and LSH are off to for this holiday? Somewhere beachy and romantic I hope. Love your essential choices, especially the multi purpose waterproof Chanel footwear. Perhaps a photo or two with your essentials? Have a lovely time.

  2. dottoressa

    J’adore Nuxe huile prodigieuse or,in the City as well at the seaside,have one bottle here and in my apartment at the Adriatic coast!
    Your swimsuit and chanel flip flops ( can anyone call chanel a flip flop,they are a piece of art) look so cute,elegat and sooo french,it’s so nice for Bellinis or Aperol spritz,or something with a straw, by the pool . You’ll have to give a chance to Dubrovnik some day
    This tragedy in Tunisia is awfull and cruel,I am really sorry!
    But you and your LSH really need holidays,a little (better longer :-)!) break can do miracles ! Forget Borgias for a while!
    When I’m somewhere in a hotel, my Essentials are almost the same (without chanel!),bikinis(trying them is the worst thing ever! But all well that ends well), Anthelios 50+ lotion,sunglasses (always rayban,this year round classics model )sarong (we call it pareo),hat and a big towell!
    And in my Adriatic apartement……well,all above and a lot more! It’s then all about linen shift dresses or trousers and straw bag,full naturally ( for three minutes walk )
    Enjoy your hollidays and tell us stories when you come back!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Would love to visit Dubrovnik – ve been reading about it and sounds incredible. Apparently, it’s where modern tourism started in the imperial hotel? Is that so? It is awful with Tunisia and of course with Greece in turmoil is all very difficult.

  3. happyface313

    🙂 Fully agree – hate buying swim wear! But found a very good fitting bikini a few weeks ago. Once I’ve found the right one I will wear it until it falls apart. Same goes for my very old sarong – it matches the colors of my bikini. I do love your Chanel “flip flops”!!

    I’ve never tried the Nuxe oil. Is it really that good?

    HAPPY weekend and HAPPY holidays – hope to see a photo of wearing these beauties here 🙂

    1. dottoressa

      I think so. I use it for a couple of years. It is dry oil,nourishes your skin and hair,it has a lot of little gold(-ey) particules in it,so your skin has a beautiful glow. I use it before my legs and arms get some colour to look better , and after I get some tan! And in the end, rub my hands in my hair.You have to try a sample ,because it has divine perfume, but some may not like it!


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