Sales sales sales…

Hide – that’s what I say, take cover, do anything we can rather than add more unwanted so & so items in our wardrobes.
To give you an idea of where I am, already bought my AW15 coat full price. (So – if it goes on sale next year there will be tears and recrimination) Still, the advantage is that I got my perfect fit and the style, exactly as I wanted it. The experience was comfortable and I was offered champagne. (I think it was champagne, it may have been just prosecco. In any case, I opted for the sparking water to keep a certain clarity in my decision making process)

In essence, I don’t do the summer sales, (except perhaps a touch of CHANEL) as I buy so little and prefer to do it with clear head, sipping my glass of sparkling water – No wardrobe space for the random, summer sales ‘bargain’, they inevitably direct precious funds away from the upcoming Autumn Winter collections and interfere with my desire to achieve the epitome of chic, which is rightfully mine.

What One may be tempted to buy on Sale:
The exact design, colour, and shape of the set of pyjamas one always wanted, but one never dared fork out for…

The exact design, colour, and size of the classic cashmere cardigan that was too expensive to buy full price. (Brora sale is always worth it and if it’s your style, so is Chinti and Parker)

Quality bras & socks to replenish the organised underwear drawer. (Update: fenwicks has the best and most underrated lingerie department in London.

Next year check the sale out 10th July! Amazing French silk knickers of the very best kind (falcon & bloom) faliero sarti cashmere stoles all at amazing prices…)


What One should never, ever, attempt to buy on Sale
Fur (old fashioned, cruel, environmentally destructive, and have you really got e space to store it?)
Any items created especially to go on sale. Things created especially for outlets and sales, are cheap tat that will end up as clutter long before the season is out.
Any items unlikely to be ever worn. (obvious I know, but – surely- can’t be the only one who has bought things on sale and never actually wore them.)

Temptation also came in the form of 30% off Balenciaga evening shorts, but I manage to get away. Not enough cost per wear value, plus already got a pair from my Budget list.

And how are you getting on, if I might ask?


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10 thoughts on “It’s SALES time in London – what’s a girl to do?

  1. pgshore

    Usually it’s cashmere cardigans for me. But just this morning I bought an olive green unlined linen jacket on sale (50% off) at my favorite boutique. The Hubster and I only ever shop there during their twice-yearly sales, because their prices are outrageous. And he (dear man that he is) keeps me sane. If something truly suits me, he tells me so and encourages me to buy it. If the saleslady is raving about it but it does nothing for me, he gives his head a little shake and I immediately put it back. It’s a foolproof method; we’ve been doing it for years. I’ve never regretted a single purchase I’ve made there, and those pieces always end up being favorites.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Ha ha – 😆good team effort! I have to say one good thing about London, sales associates are rarely pushy. I usually get excellent advise from them as they don’t work on commission.

  2. dottoressa

    You have an immaculate style dear lady Sarah!
    I’m woman of steel considering sales! First, we don’t have such draconian sales as you have ( so,no great expectations or Temptations)
    Second, I don’t look for Temptations,I Know what I want and what suits me. And as a very Young girl,we had to go to Italy or Austria to buy beautiful things so,it has to be planned before sales to find the size and model you want
    Third,nobody is perfect,so I have my eyes on some cashemire pullis -replacement thing-and in case they go on sale ( it is fault of naughty Internet),well,you Know….
    Last,but not the least…….I’ll have some University fees to pay this year and life is not cheap in your part of world 🙂

  3. Virginia

    I also am avoiding the summer sales. I have all that I need and then some, and I am limiting myself to Eileen Fisher and a few other ethical retailer and natural fabrics. And a hugh thank you Lady Sarah for showing me the light, so to speak, on the high cost of fast fashion!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      What a lovely comment!❤️ Thank you so much for all your support, we all try to do what we can in the battle against evil & greed… (And we look better for it, ha ha😊 with small but beautifully formed wardrobes. )

  4. Antonia

    Lady Sarah, you are the epitome of chic!! I love reading your blog…I hope one day you write a book because I’d buy it in a heartbeat!! xo

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Ha ha 😃 thank you Antonia, what a kind comment! Sure to let you know about my forthcoming book, in the meantime you can support the WWF to Save the wild elephant and access the amazing protected posts….,


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