Is that so? Yes living in London it’s expensive, very expensive. (everyone with an one bedroom flat is practically a millionaire,) don’t get me started on wardrobe space. Limited at best. Why do you think I do so many wardrobe clearouts?

But hey – we simply love it! Amazing fashion, (sorry Paris, but we are ahead) we get to wear hats! We are liberal and open minded, mostly! Anyone else loves London? Pros and cons? © Ladysarahinlondon Welcome to the blog of London adventures & wardrobe fixations  Access to password protected posts: To get your password please support our favourite animal charities such as Save the Wild Elephant Or rescue a baby elephant!Donate now and save our wildlife from extinction!


9 thoughts on “London is still the best place to live!

  1. Daedalus Lex

    As the great Londoner Samuel Johnson said, “When one is tired of London, one is tired of life.” (Another personal favorite of mine is his peevish response when Boswell was trying to lure him on a walking tour of Scotland with the promise of some noble prospects: “The noblest prospect a Scotchman ever sees is the high road that leads him to England,” replied the good doctor.)

      1. Daedalus Lex

        Also, Johnson ended up going on that Scotland tour with his Scottish friend and biographer, Boswell, so I guess “no harm, no foul” to our Scottish friends in the audience.

  2. missfrankiecat

    London is dirty (for a European city!), expensive and transport is nightmarish. But it is now culturally streets ahead of any other city (sorry NYC but in my opinion you are falling behind after years in front), diverse and liberal, full of beautiful parks as well as architecture, safe (for a big city extraordinarily so) and endlessly stimulating. I love NYC and Paris too but I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else full-time.

  3. Londongal

    the main problem with London is housing. Rents are very high and too many rich foreign investors have bought into the property market, making it very hard for ordinary folk to get on the ladder. Apart from that its the best place in the world. Best shops, parks, restaurants…

  4. dottoressa

    Frankly my dear,I love (not like,it is love actually!) London! It’s vibe as well as athmosphere,tradition and modern,parks,restaurants,shopping,watching people,get inspired…. Books I read( lot of them actually),films I watched…..everything is there. I try to be a polite guest,a tourist who tries not to disturb much,playing a game to live there,for a week or so. I agree with missfrankiecat,transport is a nightmare (but,so are Paris and Rome,even more) and it is very expensive.
    I can understand you very well,it is awfull for natives ,to have trillions of turists everywhere,as well as rich people,also from everywhere,who buy properties,and prices are going up and up. I can afford Novikov, Nobu ,Zuma or Hakkasan when visiting and that is very nice ( Novikov was my son’s choice:-)) ,but can imagine how many problems you have when buying or renting a flat,and I don’t think this is fair
    On our coast ( Dubrovnik for example) there are so many tourists,and it is not so expensive for them,but we also suffer,paying too much and trying to find some peacefull place to take a break.
    But you can’t have your cake and eat it 🙂


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