Wardrobe upgrades

After several successful wardrobe clearouts, I was left with virtually no decent nightclothes.

I’ve been looking for a really good set of everyday pyjamas for a while now: nothing silk or frou frou. A slightly masculine cut, for that non-chalant seductive look, natural fabric, and of course, nothing made by exploiting cheap labour. ‘Made in England’ or “Great Britain’ being my top preference – you have no idea how hard it’s become for the British to make pyjamas. Can you believe it? We invented the concept but now we have no home grown pyjama makers!

Finally my friend Sophié suggested Bonsoir. Well cut and beautifully finished. The fabric is 100% Austrian cotton, with a subtle woven self stripe. I’ve already road tested them – they are super easy to wash, requiring minimal ironing. Comfortable to sleep in and wake up – still looking soigné.

Well cut and beautifully finished in Austrian cotton.

Well cut and beautifully finished in Austrian cotton.

A plain dressing gown to throw over the pyjamas...

A plain dressing gown to throw over the pyjamas… Suitably dressed for any ocassion.

Bonsoir styles their nightwear with a nod and a wink to the golden age of pyjama wear, the 1930's.

Bonsoir styles their nightwear with a nod and a wink to the golden age of pyjama wear, the 1930’s.

CASHMERE STORIES (from quality in our wardrobe series#1)

Anyone else upgrading their wardrobe?

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9 thoughts on “BEDTIME STORIES (from quality in our wardrobe series#2)

  1. Louloumia

    My wardrobe is gradually being upgraded. Only good quality bags now, and expensive knits. I haven’t gotten round to the underwear and nightwear section yet, but will do soon. Where do you buy your jeans from, if you don’t mind sharing?

  2. Virginia

    I would love a pair! I checked out their website, beautiful pj’s, unfortunately the only options large enough for my upper body is a plain nighty or two. But I will be watching to see if they expand their line sizing!

  3. JessicaLee

    Agreed – I do try to buy less and ‘invest’ in quality. Already cut out all the really cheap things, sometimes I bought them thinking they looked good, but aint fooling anyone. Ha ha😆

  4. dottoressa

    Very nice pyama,I like the color and the masculine cut. I own very similar one in same color and cut,very thin,almost sheer,,from Palmers for ages. Very comfy,but I’m too lazy to iron in summer,so I go with silk night gowns,no frou frou,plain,with spaghetti straps and silk boxer panties( is this the right word for it?),also from Palmers. You have to iron it too,but it goes faster I hope they are fair trade Company.
    It is enough for our climate,but for London you choose the best,I think
    I admire your attitude and approach in wardrobe,think the same,but there is always something new to learn,there are so many good Companies which are new for me
    Have a nice day ( wthout Borgias!)

  5. silkpathdiary

    Thank you! Perfect and exactly what I was looking for now that I’m in the process of reorganising my lingerie/sleepwear drawers! For the longest time I could only wear pjs then only during Autumn/Winter and started with the nighties for warm Spring and Summers. I love the classic styles here and of course the quality. The only other thing is I’m looking at yet more (washable) cashmere with the next season in mind.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      You will love the quality. I am thinking of getting their tartan flannels for winter and the LSH loves his! They have cashmere nightwear things as well, though I can’t vouch for those.


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