One of those remnants, from the golden age of travel, the Blue Train was the perfect stop over on our way back to London.

The splendours of the Blue Train, – Gare de Lyon, Paris.
The decor is beyond spectacular,  and the service outstanding. There are two vast dining rooms, plus an informal section where travellers who are awaiting trains can have tea or a drink. And so we did, civilised tea discussing the forthcoming elections… Who is going to win? I have no idea who will win the elections, but we should be going back to the blue train to have a party and celebrate…

Magnificent dining rooms from the golden days days of travel.

Magnificent dining rooms from the golden days of travel.

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9 thoughts on “Tea at the Blue Train

  1. SophieG

    Dear Ladysarah, I’ve been ogling your pictures and forgetting to comment lately, which isn’t nice. So thanks for the lovely pictures of Le Train Bleu, and glad you had a good time in my home country! Every time I take the train in the US, I wish for half the civilization of Le Train Bleu or the Japanese stations…
    Back to work now, from home today so enjoying a nice pot of Mariage Freres Rouge Ruschka rooibos in a china cup. Yes, civilization indeed!

  2. dottoressa

    It so delightful I never realy tought about trains for a long period of time (thats because our trains are now bad,),but I like to travel with train in so civilised way, very much,thank you!
    Maybe some new/old Orient express (without a murder)……


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