Chateaux chic dress code: casual spring break in the South of France.

The chateaux has its own orangerie.

The chateau has its own orangerie. It’s used as a library, afternoon tea area.

Typical antique french furniture-

Typical antique style french furniture- i made notes for my wardrobe colour palette.

Chairs were embroidered by Emily's great grandmother.

Chairs were lovingly embroidered by Emily’s great grandmother.

My little plume (Hermes gold) is perfect for Provence light

My little plume (Hermes gold) looks perfect in this light

Typical chateaux architecture, gold coloured stone. The family makes its own wine, naturally...

Typical chateaux architecture, gold coloured stone. The family makes its own wine, they would wouldn’t they…

Chateaux chic dress code:
The dress code is pretty casual here, (not sweat pant slovenly casual, more like tres chic comfort jeans casual) still – it Takes thought & effort to look quite so effortless! The trick is to dress like a really good version of myself on holiday, rather than try to copy the chic Parisians. I usually get my colour palette inspiration by looking at the interiors, the landscape and the light.
Easy colour palettes: soft blues, and pale greys. Shapes are Loose but well fitting, grey linen top and powder blue scarf, accented with a ‘good’ tan/gold bag.

The great thing about train travel, is that one arrives refreshed, none of that post flight grogginess. It’s still early season, but it’s nice to get here before the crowds arrive.
A sweet glass of wine was waiting for us with a little brioche, the best Ive ever tasted, then onwards for some seafood…

the Real life fashion series was added by popular demand to showcase real life outfits I wear for London life. – check out the other life fashion posts, wearable clothes in situ.

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10 thoughts on “Real life fashion: french chateaux chic (colours and plume)

  1. Virginia

    Ah, a simple yet composed Majestic Filatures tee with a lovely Faliero Sarti scarf and Hermes Plume bag, what could be better for a gorgeous Provence retreat? The really good version of yourself is tres chic even if your not Parisian. Looking forward to your next update.

  2. JessyLee

    Nice plume bag Lady Sarah. Do you not use twillies on the handles? I am terrified mine will darken with time.

  3. Claire

    Dear Sarah, I hope you enjoy beautiful Provence, my region! I love the way you get inspiration from anything beautiful, be it a pattern or a certain light. Very inspiring.


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