Long weekend here in London, we seize the day, pack our bags and catch the train to France. Trains are less hassle than planes don’t you think? (‘be whisked not frisked’, as the sayin’ goes) The journey itself may take a little longer, but we are spared the painful airport experience and recycled plane air.

Packing light, is an art in itself and takes long years of practice, do not expect to become a pro overignt. Any journey would go that much better, if everyone could actually lift their own suitcase.(Packing tips for London vacations)

Train stations

Train stations: the last bastion of civilised travelling.

Train journeys are so much easier than flying....

The whole train experience is so much easier than flying….time for the soul to catch up.

The cost is a little higher than that of low budget airlines, but so much more civilised.

Costs are  a little higher than that of low budget airlines, but seats are more comfortable, and there is always the view….

Travelling light- my list: Spare pair of boyfriend jeans (loose fit is best for hot weather)
2 shirts (linen/striped cotton, I used to bring silk ones, but they look out of place in Provence, the place is very casual.)
2 x cotton/linen/Jersey silk tops
2x largescarves x 2 one sky blue and one thin woven cashmere. (I wear one on the way. )
1 cashmere cardigan (for chilly evenings)

(I use the CHANEL flip flops as casual evening shoes for ease, but also good as slippers) 1 evening clutch (a clutch can really lend a simple pair of jeans+silk shirt outfit an aura of effortless dressing up.)
1 maxi dress /and or loose skirt
/eyemask Underwear /socks
At the pool:
2 x bikinis
1 beach/pool cover up
1 set of yoga wear – daily yoga is a must.
Waterproof & stylish Flip flops for the hotel lounge/spa (I use the CHANEL flip flops see above as they double up for evening wear)
Straw hat.(on this trip I left it behind as Provence has lots of lovely straw things, I may get lucky and find a perfect basket, one of my ongoing quests…

Beauty packing
These can take up tons of space, so be extra careful. I keep a mini cosmetic set, using up all samples sachets day cream, SPF. France has a pharmacie stocked with treasures, virtually on every corner! No need to take much, as you can always buy more beauty essentials at the destination. For comfortable travels,  I like to keep handy – just for the duration of the trip, a small rose water or Evian spray, for facial hydration. It feels great!

Traveling clothes
For the train journey I wear loose fit jeans, comfortable walking shoes, and carry a light weight trench and a scarf. (this is France after all, scarves are compulsory.) Everything fits in a tiny wheelie suitcase, with room to spare. As my wardrobe is already paired down, travelling clothes & colour palettes are easy to put together.

Tip for chronic over packers:
– break down your trip into ‘activities’, for example, sight seeing, shopping, eating out etc to list what you really need lug around with you. (Things can be washed easily enough) no just in case items, no uncomfortable clothes or shoes you can’t walk in,  (More here) Bon voyage to us all- what do you think of train vs plane?

Packing wisely is key. How much do we really need for a few days in the south of france? Leave some space to bring back any impromptu shopping.

Packing wisely is key. Ease of movement and manueverability make for an easy life.

Be a traveller rather than a tourist weekend…

Chateaux chic fashion

Chateaux chic fashion

Real life fashion

Rustic holiday lunch

Rustic holiday lunch

Rustic lunch

our destination

our destination


14 thoughts on “Travelling in style: by train

  1. Virginia

    A train trip to France sounds divine! Do you go through a tunnel under the channel? And how about the cafe car? A bit of champagne as you relax and enjoy the scenery. I want to pretend l am traveling too! Have a lovely stay.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you dear Virginia! Yes to get to Paris we take the ‘Channel tunnel’as we call it… 😄 Then we catch the regional train to Provence. No champagne though on the train, i just tend to eat some fruit so I can reach my destination still standing….😄

      1. Virginia

        Oh, this is a trip to Provance, sounds delicious. Great wine and regional cuisine- have a wonderful trip.

  2. happyface313

    🙂 I agree – the train is very convenient. I’ll take magazines, books, get something to drink and eat and enjoy relaxing from the daily stress.
    But sometimes the plane is simply the quicker option in the end and I wouldn’t want to miss this possibility either.
    I’d love to take one of the Queens to New York…sometime when there are no storms over the ocean!
    HAPPY Sunday and have a good journey home xo 🙂


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