Technically I am supposed to be on leave, but there was an emergency at work.

Good strong coffee...

Morning coffee at One Aldwych.

So here we are, early breakfast meeting with the Borgias. Just to clarify, the Borgias are not any of my work colleagues, they are business associates…ok? Normally my favourite place for a working breakfast is the Wolseley, but today we tried the lounge at One Aldwich. It did not disappoint. Excellent coffee, (strong and dark, like my mood), the orange juice was freshly squeezed, (actual real orange juice, unlike the Borgia’s contract) and the little, bite sized brioche was complimentary. Next time you are in Covent Garden, check it out, it’s an oasis of calm, even tne Borgias could not ruin it for me. I am told the rooms are not bad either, though I never stayed myself.

imageimage Just what I needed. How did my meeting go? Don’t ask, on my way to Bond Street to look at shoes, for therapy… Stay tuned.

One Aldwych is a brisk walk, or a short taxi ride to Bond Street.

One Aldwych Hotel is short taxi ride to heavenly Bond Street. I am walking though, to get the exercise…

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3 thoughts on “Working Breakfast with the Borgias.

  1. Hanna

    Machiavellis hints never get out of fashion…Espresso and bitesize somethings look really appetizing…looking forward to your shoe collection!


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