Lady like behaviour is back in vogue. I did not know whether it was ever out, nonetheless good manners and smart dressing are having a full on revival.

When you have some down time, make a cup of tea, (in a porcelain cup with a silver spoon) watch this and let me know what you think.

My own lady like accessories post, the shoes, the bags and the scarves, coming soon! Thank you to all the lovely people who enquired about my knee. It’s not too bad, though I had to skip the ballet sessions…

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13 thoughts on “Etiquette: How to be a lady in London #1

  1. Bonnie

    Mother would always say “good manners are the basis for a civilized society. .. so get your elbows off the table dear”.

  2. Heidi

    The video made me laugh a little… I was taught a lot of what they were running through at school, and have a pathological fear of not sitting with my legs glued together at the knees as a result. I’m not that old (I think) but I’d say that’s not in the curriculum these days. Although I did feel a little sad that so many of those girls were being taught very basic things like table settings which were clearly new to them – they must have never have had dinner at home with glasses and bread plates in the right spots then (not suggesting the confusion of knives and forks for multiple courses is abnormal, but just the basics even were not known)? Hope your knee is healing up.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      We never use bread plates at home, ( except maybe christmas or events like that) I think the cutlery issue is always overplayed, nowadays you need to know about Chinese chopsticks, indian methods and all sorts of other things. I am fascinated by table manners (or their absence. ) I mean munching mc Donald’s whilst shopping? What’s that about?

  3. Virginia

    Nothing wrong with some good basic etiquette information. Not the book on the head necessarily, but i loved the room exit! I picture English ladies learning all this from an early age, apparently not so much anymore.

  4. Giulia

    Whilst I read this, I kept imagining David Walliams screaming “but I’m a laaay-dee!”.

    Lovely posts as always.


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