Valentine’s Day is looming on the horizon and teenage insecurities reach their peak.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Admittedly, we are big on February 14th celebrations. I get three cards for my LSH (long suffering husband), so we pretend he has secret admirers. Sometimes, I get cards for my assistants at work as well, makes for a happy workplace.  My personal indulgence is new cashmere socks and luxury  underwear. (not the satin silk type I am a hanro girl, silk vest in the photo above…) restocking the perfume supplies and any excuse for a hair appointment, so one can emerge looking divine.

Retailers go wild on Valentine's day gift packs...

Retailers go wild on Valentine’s day gift packs…


And who would not want a limited edition satin silk eye mask?

And who would not want a limited edition satin silk eye mask for ninenty  quid? £90! Has the world gone mad?

How do you celebrate Valentine’s?

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9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day prep London style.

  1. Virginia Wald

    I fancy those very expensive pajamas, I’m assuming they are silk! Just the thing for a Valentine weekend. I will be taking my client to a Valentine’s tea on Saturday, that’s as romantic as it gets for me. So sweet that your LSH gets 3 cards, are any from Lady Beatrice? I used to give cards from the kitties, maybe that’s a crazy American thing (yes they make cards to give from the cats and dogs!)

      1. Virginia Wald

        No, they just “give” cards. I always smother the cats in kisses, which they hate (of course).
        And what about secret admirers for you!

  2. pgshore

    Thank you for putting me on to Brora cashmere socks. I ordered a pair in Granite for The Hubster (his Valentine’s Day present). We don’t usually exchange presents, just romantic cards, but I just knew he’d love these. And he does. As soon as they arrived, he took off the pair he was wearing (a pair I had… ahem… hand-knit for him!) and put on the Broras. He promptly announced that he was never taking them off… though of course he did. Perhaps I will treat myself to a pair next: cabled ones, in that delicious shade of rose pink.

      1. pgshore

        I know. I hand-wash with a product called Euclan (don’t know if it’s available in the U.K.)… it’s what I use for all my hand-knitted socks. Then I air-dry them, which can take a few days in damp weather. But it is SO worth it!


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