Advice, advice… So much nutritional advice…

Despite all the nutritional info overload, statistics say obesity is on the up, and so are food intolerances, such as wheat allergy, gluten intolerance… The list is long. My builder (don’t ask!) is gluten intolerant for heavens sake: I offered him a good strong mug of builders tea and a biscuit to which he politely declined and asked for a wheat & lactose free alternative. “Let me get you some soya milk” I said. “I don’t want to be difficult’ he whispered “but is it organic and GM free?”
I have made some attempts to clean up my diet, through january, and all I have to say is I am glad is over. (Back to Kir Royales by the 14th february.)

There is no doubt though that some degree of restraint is essential – I will be trying these principles for the remaining winter.

#Eat three meals a day -no more no less
#Each meal to contain lots of protein and vegetables, cut down sugar & wheat
#Don’t mix proteins in one meal, do not repeat proteins lunch & dinner.
#Finish your evening meal by 9.00 pm. Then don’t eat again, you won’t starve
#Drink lots of water between meals. Around two litres, then you won’t be hungry either.
#Eat one apple a day and if you like one other fruit after each meal.
#Get moving, take the stairs rather than the lift, walk to work move! Yoga & meditation are excellent for mind and body, but they need consistency, they are not quick fixes..

What do you think?
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18 thoughts on “Winter detox diet (the sensible way)

  1. Steve Morris

    Shovelling pre-prepared food into your face is no doubt the primary cause of obesity. All kinds of things go into ready meals and processed food.

    #Eat three meals a day -no more no less
    This sounds a tad dogmatic, although it is helpful to establish routines. Some studies show that healthy snacks are a good way to provide nutrition without over-loading the system or becoming hungry between meals.

    #Each meal to contain lots of protein and vegetables, cut down sugar & wheat
    I would say – try to eliminate sugar completely. It is possible if you prepare food yourself – impossible if you eat processed food. I actually eat a lot of wheat (bread/pasta), but it is all wholegrain.

    #Don’t mix proteins in one meal, do not repeat proteins lunch & dinner.
    Why is that?

    #Drink lots of water between meals. Around two litres, then you won’t be hungry either.
    Or tea, or coffee. If you’re trying to lose weight, these might suppress hunger. Fizzy water has the same effect.

    #Eat one apple a day and if you like one other fruit after each meal.
    But avoid fruit juice, because of the sugar.

    #Get moving
    Yep. I’m outta here!

  2. Bonnie

    I eliminated sugar (to the best of my knowledge) totally from my diet about 6 months ago. I try and eat only fresh food and very little packaged food. I eat very little red meat, although I have been known to scarf down lamb in private. Getting off sugar was like getting off crack.. so they say. I really had a serious fight getting off sugar, and that alone was very telling. I feel much better for it. I have less aches and pains, I sleep better and my skin looks 100% better. Oh.. and yes.. I lost weight.

    1. Bonnie

      And.. I have been working out with a personal trainer three times a week, 1 hour each session. I affectionately refer to him as the Overlord !

      1. Steve Morris

        My understanding is that the body treats alcohol more like fat than sugars, but I am not an expert. In any case, 1 unit of alcohol contains 100 calories, so go easy 🙂

      2. Bonnie

        I took one day at a time, Sarah. The first few days were hellish but it got easier as the days progressed. During the first few months I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol. but I did have a few glasses of champagne on holiday and at Christmas. The biggest issue I have with alcohol is that is lowers my resolve… so I avoid it whilst trying to lose weight.. and of course when I was giving up sugar. A girl has to live too 🙂

  3. missfrankiecat

    According to my dentist, if you are into an apple a day make sure you chop it before eating (to reduce contact with surface of teeth) and clean teeth after. Teeth enamel is apparently suffering (especially for this of us who would like to keep our own to old age) due to consumption of fruit juices (again, use straw to reduce contact) and apples, as well as more obvious sugars.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      My dental hygienist said exactly the same. Avoid fruit juices and soft drinks. Don’t brush teeth right after eating sugar as the enamel is weakened, but rinse well with pure water. And always ask for a straw!

  4. Steve Morris

    Tips for giving up sugar:
    1. First, list all foods you eat that contain sugar. Energy drinks, fruit juice, biscuits, cakes, breakfast cereals, ready-made meals, sauces, dried fruits, sugar added to drinks, etc. Smoothies and fresh fruit are probably OK.
    2. Work out which foods are the worst, e.g. coke, fruit juice, cakes, sweets.
    3. Work on these first. This is a long term effort – don’t take on too much at once, or you will fail. Guaranteed.
    4. Identify the worst offender and start by cutting down on it, rather than eliminating it.
    5. Make it easier by replacing the sugar with something else. Suppose you enjoy coca cola. Don’t go for the easy option of diet coke, as this is full of chemicals. Instead reduce the amount of coke you drink and instead drink e.g. coffee and carbonated water to get a similar effect.
    If you add sugar to your tea, try reducing the amount and adding more milk instead, or eat half a biscuit with your tea. You are replacing one thing with another (less sugary) thing.
    If you eat cake after a meal, eat a smaller portion and add in some fruit.
    6. Keep reducing slowly until eventually the craving for that particular food disappears (this may take a long time.) Now start work on the next worst food, cutting down on it gradually and replacing it with something less unhealthy.
    7. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail. If you go out to dinner and a friend serves you a sugary dessert, smile and enjoy it. It’s only a temporary hitch.
    7. You may be tempted to try to cut back on everything at once. Resist this urge. It will lead to failure. This is a long-term project. There are no shortcuts.

  5. silkpathdiary

    It’s a great list and looking back I didn’t achieved my goal before simply because it’s not just the eating regime that matters, for me it’s the exercise that makes all the difference. Savouries are my downfall, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol (a glass twice a year including weddings!) or fizzy drinks of any kind and eat very lightly in the evenings before 6pm (I simply can’t sleep on a full stomach any later). I’m cutting out meats and replacing with fish and/or veg where I can. But I do bake a lot for the family and it’s hard to resist at times – I don’t beat myself up about it anymore – at least it’s homemade!

      1. silkpathdiary

        Precisely, I do think a lot of people are too focused on the weight loss as the only goal. I was the same then realised it simply didn’t work like that for me.

  6. Koraljka Bozic

    I simply love your blog Lady Sarah!
    Good advice Steve
    I suggest to eat fruits at least 2 h after your meal,or,even better,30 min before.
    Ban cola,all sugar-added frizzy-somethings and industrial juices.They are very bad for our health and for our beauty as well
    Simply replace glass by glass with plain water or tisane.And write it in you “detox diary”,it is very important,as Steve said. It’s a real addiction,so banning it all at once can produce headache and other symptoms.
    I’ll go for quality,not quantity,as in fashion:-),go for whole food,non-processed,free range,local,seasonal….If you crave for something,like chocolate,eat a small amount of “real” black one rather than a “replacement”,than move,take a walk or do something,i.e. wash your windows or similar.If you need to eat more chocolate after 15-30 minutes,at least you’ll have clean windows!
    And Silkpathdiary ,I agree,it’s better to have evening meal before 6-7 p.m.(yes,real life…,I know,it’s hard)
    Forgive me my english
    Dottoressa, Croatia


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