Red tartan & chanel

The chill factor is high and we need all the help we can get to make it through winter.

Adding a pure wool tartan throw is an instant mood picker -upper...

Planning a little dinner out, and enlisting my CHANEL classic for an outing. Not sure what to wear yet, but it needs to be something very warm -and make me look divine.

A rare glimpse of january sun! We love it and try to spend as much time as possible outdoors, to fight the dreaded blues.

A rare glimpse of january sun! We love london sunshine and the red tartan throw is a great mood picker- upper…

It doesn’t take much to warm up a room. Everything is simple, all our bed linen is white, we added a red throw in pure wool and a few beeswax candles for perfect glow. To put together a winter survival kit check here.

Dream CHANEL dress.

Winter tartan wardrobe staple.

Winter tartan wardrobe staple, for those who like to match their interiors. 

ok everybody, chins up, winter is nearly over, spring collections coming soon..


Lady Beatrice luxuriating on the tartan throw...

Lady Beatrice luxuriating on the tartan throw…


6 thoughts on “Interiors: using a red tartan throw and winter survival tips

  1. Virginia

    Lady Beatrice is so adorable on the red tartan! I really like the shirt too. I have been looking (unsuccessfully) for a silk plaid blouse but none in my size. Oh well, perhaps I should consider a throw as your looks so inviting.

  2. Marie

    Love your room. The throw looks so cheerful and cozy and what a beautiful window. It is starting to get lighter here in the evenings which always makes me feel better.

  3. Leslie M.

    I like a bed with all white linens too – I started doing that so I wouldn’t have to worry about matching anything, all white linens on the bed and all white towels in the bathroom, and a bit of bleach when necessary won’t fade them, but now I love them for the clean, soothing look too. Miss Beatrice must know red it her color, she looks like she’s smiling.


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