Getting ready to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 with open arms sans hangover.

New Years private room

‘Do you think we ve got enough food for everyone?’ My mother asks nervously. ‘To be honest all I want is alcohol and butter’ my father responds. Poor man he’s been on a rather harsh abstemious diet. “And goose fat!’ I chime in. ‘And chocolates with cream…!’

Taking it easy tonight, just a glass of red wine and a few canapes for me.  LSH (long suffering husband) looks at  my kelly reproachfully, as I refill my glass with sparkling water. Well, I may have a Kir royale after all… Beethoven’s choral symphony in the background.

This is one last huzzah before the New Year gluten/sugar free detox, so enjoy!

 Fashion resolutions coming up tomorrow.

New Year Fashion resolutions coming up tomorrow.

So goodbye 2014, keep calm & carry on.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye to 2014!

  1. Virginia

    Ah, Lady Sarah’s parental estate! Lovely for a new years fete. A gluten free detox! Very challenging, will keep positive thoughts headed your way! A happy 2015 to all.


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