imageMy beloved friend Emily, is in London for some festive shopping, so we are meeting for a quick lunch at Selfridges.
Lunch and a drink amongst all the shoes and the fashion at Selfridges. Emily (the one who gives me all the fab french beauty tips) lives in France, has a lovely flat in St Germain as well as a country home. The ‘chateau’ as we call it.

Last time we spoke the world was falling round Emily’s ears. ‘The roof!! – we need to replace the roof at the chateau do you understand what that means Sarah? Chaos throughout, french builders taking long lunches, bizarre regulations No one can interpret – and frankly, the expense! we just don’t have the money!’ And Emily collapses in a heap of anxiety.
Well who does have the money? I did feel for poor Emily and her chateau roof, (lovely place by the way, we stayed there once and with her permission will post some photos).
Emily is a darling but she doesn’t understand why anyone sans chateau, may find it hard to be sympathetic to her plea.


That got me thinking, how the enormity of any problem is determined by our perception of it.

In all honesty, I have nothing but grief at work, though of course it would also be a problem if there was no work to speak of. My little sister, thinks that choosing pillows is the hardest thing, tough to get the balance right you know. Feather & down or pure down? Whatever!

Despite the imminent disaster, we had a lovely lunch at AUBAINE in Selfridges. The fish was excellent and so was the wine...

Despite the imminent disaster, AUBAINE in Selfridges was a festive looking place. The fish was excellent and so was the wine…delightful waitress. I love treating friends to a really good lunch rather than risk buying them  presents they may not actually want.

Each table was decorated with a miniature tree.

Each table was decorated with a miniature tree. Very pretty & festive.

At the moment, there is too much christmas pressure around but it really isn’t the end of the world if our decorations are not tres chic, or if Santa doesn’t manage exactly the right gift. (Thoughtful Gift guide).
So take some extra deep breaths and enjoy…we all have our version of the roof to fix..

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Red silk chair & vintage kelly from Libertys rxhibition Catherine b


2 thoughts on “Christmas musings and surviving the festivities, from lady Sarah’s London

  1. Lisa Boulter

    no one has a perfect christmas, except in John Lewis ads! My in-laws are coming for a start, my christmas ruined… 🙂


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