After a hard days walking around Paris, one likes to decamp somewhere cosy & stylishly french.


Hotels, are places of infinite possibilities. I am always curious to see how they are done up, and sometimes a little disappointed, at all the missed opportunities.

New Hotel Roblin, was recently refurbished and decorated by Flamant – one of my favourite interior shops in St Germain,  Flamant  though Belgian in origins, manages to embody the epitome of  classic/contemprary  French interiors. All grace & elegance, in various shades of grey linen and chic furniture. How could we resist staying in a hotel they did up!

Rooms: We normally opt for a basic bedroom, Paris is an expensive place, and I am usually very happy with a petit mignon. Our luggage is minimal, and though we don’t need a lot of space, we like a well considered room. In this case upgrading to a luxury class is worth it as the basic rooms are very basic. The ‘lux’ rooms have plenty of natural light, high ceilings, a fire place and well padded armchairs in their own little sitting area. (there are some suites with separate living room which cost more, but we find that quite superfluous, our London flat is practically the size of a hotel suite, for heavens sake)


Service: was exceptional, friendly and attentive staff to make everyone feel welcome. There was a basic turn down service though sadly, no petit fours were left on our white fluffy pillows…in my book that’s a minus.

The bathroom was perfectly designed, it reminded me we need to do ours up at home...

The bathroom was contemporary styled and well designed, it reminded me, we need to do ours up at home… Toiletries were hermes samples d’orange verte! Generous sample sizes, so now we are wafting in hermes green orange fragrance. Very happy shower time…


Room service: Another perfect experience for a light supper. Lovely soup, good bread & wine.

The bar& lounge: We tested the hotel bar, as any honest British person would, – excellent cocktails. My main complaint would be the public areas, though attractive to look at were not as comfortable as they should have been…which makes choosing a good bedroom all the more important.

Hotel lounge has some quirky details, but the lighting was all wrong. One could sit by the lit fire and enjoy those drinks, but I think will order room service and enjoy them In private.

Hotel lounge had some quirky details. We could sit by the fire and have drinks or a little snack from the bar.

Hotel lounge had some quirky details. We could sit by the fire and have drinks.image

The breakfast room: at hotel Roblin, this was just a dingy corridor.  A bit of an afterthought and as much as I like hotel breakfasts. Laduree with all its delights is literally, just Across the road. So, our petit dejeuner is there. We did not regret it, despite its fame laduree does not rest on its glories, it still offers delicious things to eat in laduree glamorous settings.

Hotel Roblin is attractive, comfortable and very well positioned, but it would not be my first choice for Paris. Most of the time when visiting  we stay in this hotel – Instead, well woth checking it out. There are a few posts about it, and More posts on  Paris delights

If you have any favourite Paris hotels (or any favourite hotels for that matter) would love to know.

© Ladysarahinlondon

10 thoughts on “Paris hotel review (new Hotel Roblin, Rue Chauveau Lagarde)

  1. Virginia

    Did you say petit fours? Love them! I did not know that was an option, now I must figure a way to stay in a Parisian hotel! Hope you had a wonderful trip, and safe return home to Lady Beatrice.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes in some hotels the maids leave a tiny chocolate or a petit four, on the pillow when they turn the bed and soften the lights, to prepare the room for evening sleep. I guess it’s a remnant from the days when people used to have maids to do that for them. I usually just turn my own bed, but I might start leaving myself a chocolate on my pillow. Heh heh😃Though, that can’t be good for dental hygiene can it. 🙂

  2. silkpathdiary

    This looks cosy enough but I agree with you about the lighting issue. The bathroom looks very nice though! One of the things I dislike in a hotel bathroom is when the tap is mounted too high and splashes water all over when you use it no matter how careful one is. (Un)fortunately (depending on one’s point of view) I’ve never stayed in a hotel in Paris as we have family there. The only place that I liked elsewhere recently was the Le Meridien in London’s Piccadilly which is pretty old mostly with a few modernised parts. We had a corner suite which was lovely even though the bathroom was on the small side but it was exactly like a French apartment. Breakfast was an international spread in the newer eating area that had natural light from a glass roof and over looked the street. Swimming pool/gym in the basement which was all I needed.


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