Packing, for a few days in Paris.

Tickets, passports and euros. I prefer traveling by train whenever possible.

Tickets, passports and euros. Travelling by train is so much more comfortable than flying, and I prefer it whenever possible.

This is the whirlwind horror of my packing chaos. Even though an old hand at this sort of thing- packing lists from previous trips, staple travelling outfits, tissue paper, packing cubes and essential beauty potions, in mini sizes.


Paris in the winter requires warm clothing.  Warm & stylish so only natural fabrics, wool & cashmere...

Paris in the winter requires warm clothing. Warm & stylish so only natural fabrics, wool & cashmere… Parisians are conservative and will appreciate well dressed visitors.

Wrapping valuable clothes in some acid free tissue, will save on wear & tear. Tissue is also good to keep clothes from creasing. Anything like a silk shirt I will immediately unpack and hang in the shower room when I get to the hotel. The steam from a hot shower helps to minimise creasing.


Packing my most comfortable nightdress and a silk eye mask, to help with a good nights sleep. Sleeping in unknown places, no matter how luxurious, can be unsettling, so I always pack some aromatherapy oils to soothe.

Travelling outfit for winter
Dealing with freezing outdoors & boiling indoors, only cashmere layers will do… Brora cardigans earn their keep like nothing else.

Best Handbags for travel
Longchamp Pliages are well known, but I prefer my plume or a herbag. And a clutch for evenings. Do not forget a clutch, for those tres chic drinks at the hotel bar…

Packing tips
Successful travelling: The art of packing
Packing tips for Paris
Packing perfection for London (summer edition)

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6 thoughts on “Packing chaos with lady Sarah (plus tips)

  1. Monica

    Your packing does in fact look rather elegant! I am in the midst of my own packing chaos as we speak, attempting to limit 6 weeks of winter clothing and essentials to 15kg or so. The Brora knitwear has certainly made the cut!

  2. happyface313

    πŸ™‚ Oh, this is so familiar! I do it so often and still I hate it.
    I’ve got all the lists, all the paper, all the plastic bags and so on…I just don’t like to pack! 😦
    Hope your Paris trip is enjoyable and you’re having a wonderful time! πŸ™‚

  3. Virginia

    You always present such detailed and expert packing tips! Should I ever take a vacation (Holiday) I will review every packing post for info!


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