Kelly green with fur

How to wear fur in modern day London

Even though I like most things natural, when in comes to fur, only the fakest of ‘faux’ will do.

Mine is vintage as well as fake, so double brownie points. I found it in one of my Oxfam rummages, it’s 50% cotton, 10% silk, 40% polyester, lined in velvet silk, no less. A real find.

How to wear fur these days
# Obviously it has to be fake, and look, absolutely fake. You want to look sassy & sexy, not like you are the middle aged executioner of small indefensible animals. Anything from real fur adds at least 10 years and a stone to the person wearing it – you have been warned!

#Colour full fake Is very now, pastel pink, ice blue or mint green…. If it’s a whole fur coat you are going for, make sure the quality is there and is a nicely tailored item with proper lining. Some of the best ones I’ve seen are expensive, so it’s not a throwaway thing. Make sure you get a colour and a shape you absolutely adore.

Contemporary faux fur, pastel colour, cutting edge modern bag & attitude.YES

How to wear it: Contemporary faux fur, pastel colour, cutting edge modern bag & attitude. YES

#There are excellent vintage options, fun fake fur from the 60’s or 70’s are valuable collectors items. The best ones won’t be cheap either.

#If it’s only a fur trim, like a nifty little add-on collar, or a fun & fluffy fake fur, clutch, one can be a little bit more lax! Save yourself some pennies and allow some light restorative shopping from zara or top shop. Lots of tempting, inexpensive accessories, but exercise caution. One fake fur item at a time only, please. Do not pile on the trends….

#Forget the myth that fur is an ‘investment’ buy. The cut of old fashioned fur coats look frumpy and old fashioned straight away. It is a cruel trend, remnant from our barbarous past. (Here) there is something tragic about a woman wearing a real fur coat as  fashion statement.

# Leopard print is my own favourite for a more timeless look. It will look classic, sassy & sexy, long after the trend is done and dusted with. Please remember no leopards must ever be harmed. (Leopards are protected animals though it’s getting very late for that.) Our wild life has a tough enough time as it is, donate here and look divine in your fake fur.

My green kelly is a perfect match for the vintage leopard. Real fur would have been a cruel cliche...

Fake fur is meant to look fake and usually looks best teamed with at least, one high quality item. My green kelly is a perfect match for the vintage leopard. Real fur would have been a cruel cliche…

© Ladysarahinlondon

The stuff of nightmares... Where does one begin? Not sure if the fur is real, (not a lot else is) but it looks like a horror film. noooo!

How NOT to wear it: The stuff of nightmares… Where does one begin? Not sure if the fur is real, (not a lot else is, fake tan, fake lips, fake blonde…) but it adds years and pounds. Not a lot to recommend this, run, run while you can.


8 thoughts on “Accessorising: How to wear fur A/W14

  1. gsl64

    I am disinclined to wearing or buying new fur for the reasons you state but hesitate to take such a hardline to those that do as I do wear a good bit of leather, eat significant amounts of meat, and love going to America’s only free zoo. I’ve known several people that wear fur that are enormously generous, thoughtful and caring to the poor in their community so would feel unqualified to cast stones or condemn out of hand.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes, I have members of my own family wearing fur and they are the loveliest people one could possibly meet. But that’s despite of their fur wearing and even they think it’s cruel- when they do think that is- which is not very often.

  2. Virginia

    I must admit I am fond of neither faux nor real fur, however your silk cotton vintage find is a great choice. Most faux fur is 100% poly, giving me pause at the thought of more poly in my wardrobe. More silk cotton is just what’s needed.

    And, of course, I prefer my real fur attached to the live, beautiful creature who where born with it!

  3. purrfectkitties

    Your fake fur looks absolutely beautiful! 😀 We’re so happy you’re only wearing fake ones. Wearing real fur is cruel. Have a wonderful day, sweetie! 🙂 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  4. silkpathdiary

    I really like your duo – would love to see more of the green K! Well I would also love a faux fur piece but have never found the right one. I feel like it would be something small but OTT.


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