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Anyone with a job these days ought to count themselves lucky, and my days at the office, though perhaps a little long, are not the worst. Nonetheless, there are times when the intrigue and the scheming, otherwise known as office politics, take their toll.

A well thought out office wardrobe has helped me weather the storm (and vanguish my enemies) so to speak. It can put the sparkle back into the gloomiest of days!

Inspiration from my Office lookbook AW/14
Smart collars
Cool jackets
Cool & casual with comfy shorsimage

The the e this season is crisp collars, cool jackets and discreet bags. Clean lines and attention to proportion.

The theme this season is crisp collars, cool jackets and discreet bags. Clean lines and perfect proportion.’

Adding some crisp (‘faux’ saves on the ironing) collars, clean lines & cool jackets, my working clothes, have just been updated, my carefully constructed annual fashion budget has taken a considerable hammering…

Etiquette for our London office
Dressing codes vary widely over the world, but the underlying principles are fairly constant.

#Above everything else, work clothes need to be comfortable. London is a tough place, as mentioned before, working days are long. Quality fabrics like pure british wool, cotton or a little good cashmere, help regulate comfortable body temperature. Shoes need to be smart but still allow me to break into a gentle trot, or even a short sprint, if necessary…

#Since started updating my wardrobe, my clothes are relatively expensive, but practically none have recognisable logos or trademarks. It’s best if office clothes, remain neutral, ostentation rarely wins friends. Simple clothes make repeating outfits so much easier.

#Accessorise correctly. A handsome bag, smart shoes and some discreet or statement jewellery. The Less is more rule definitely applies…

#It goes without saying, skip any clothing that can shock or offend. T-shirts with rude slogans, hotpants, midriffs (no one needs to know about the dedicated  Pilates class) and so on. Fur is another one to avoid. Though ethics is not a discussion I would engage in a work environment, there are enough people in London, who find fur a repulsive & barbarous trend to make this an issue.

#I view my office environment as a daily fashion show, albeit a very discreet one!

Enjoy and start your own look book!
Smart office dressing
Which look book would you like to see next?

More on working clothes & interview tips here.

© Ladysarahinlondon


9 thoughts on “Look book: Dressing for the office & London etiquette

  1. Cressida K.

    great choices as usual lady Sarah! Super contemporary office looks. would love to see something from your winter coat lookbook. 🙂

  2. Bonnie B.

    Gorgeous choices Sarah. I have a quick, yet complicated question about fur. I personally don’t wear fur of any kind, but was gifted by my mother a beautiful black persian lamb with black mink collar jacket.. something you might wear to the theatre. What are your thoughts on wearing vintage fur? Sorry, I’m off topic 🙂

  3. Virginia

    Clean lines, lux fabrics and Kelly! Beautifully done and, I imagine, just right for a busy London Lady. Looking forward to your denim look book!


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