How do you choose to celebrate? Cheer everyone.

Time to celebrate!

First Birthday last week and had a few drinkies! You are all invited to share the joy. The blog is now one year old- thank you so much to everyone for their support and kindness and for patiently negotiating spelling mistakes, to read our posts. One hundred and forty posts in a single year. Clearly we are never lost for words…!

Special thanks to the lovely people who leave useful comments and to those generous ones who donated for the save the elephant fund. There were substantial donations, (over £200 from my dad, thank you dad, even though I know you don’t read the blog, since you already know everything about London, and your interest on handbag/accessorising issues is only rudimentary at best.)

Please donate directly to the charities here & here. Send us the pay pal receipt for the password protected posts. And spread awareness about saving the elephants and our wildlife – any way you can. If we allow our environment to degrade where are we going to go?

How to access password protected posts: To get your password please support our favourite animal charities such as Save the Wild Elephant Or rescuing baby elephants, by making a donation.

Any donation to the animal charities is very welcome, however small. Awareness about the evil ivory trade is more important than money.

Good health & enjoy the weekend!

Good health & enjoy the weekend!


12 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations!

  1. Cressida K

    I love your blog lady Sarah! A rare combination of useful information presented in a fun way. My own LSH as you call them, LOL – is an avid reader of your posts, and we both support the elephant fund! Happy birthday and looking forward to the next post. I emailed you some requests.

  2. Virginia

    Dearest Lady Sarah, happy anniversary. Your blog makes my day, always. Wonderful content, great photos, and witty repartee!! Here is too many more posts!!! Just emailed my Paypal receipt to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


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