How to look immaculate

One of the essential wardrobe arts to be mastered, though not exactly pure glamour.

Even if you send your clothes out to be pressed, or you have an ‘ironing’ lady coming in – best to get some work experience… I found that out the hard way… Ironing ladies have been known to hold grudges against my beloved satin silk shirts. There were also emergencies when One wants to look immaculate, but there is no one to help…all alone & helpless with a bunch of crumbled tops…. Quelle horreur!

Ironing for beginners
Start with reviewing shopping habits. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time ironing don’t buy too many high maintenance clothes. On the other hand, the crumbled, just out of bed look is now so passé.

Nothing destroys the old street cred more than looking like you love ironing – Never iron denim, and flannel has a certain charm when somewhat disheveled.. Cashmere and wool sweaters should not be ironed in any case, as pressing them flattens and destroys the pile. Simply dry flat, gently pulling into shape.

Tailored trousers, even chinos, will need some sort of pressing, and so do most types of t shirts. Avoid, dry cleaning and so called ‘non iron fabrics’, they are doused in unhealthy chemicals. Anyone suffering from eczema or sensitive skin, would do well to eliminate any contact with those dubious ‘non iron’ fabrics and invest in a good ironing board …

I like piles of well ironed clothes, which I m beginning to view as a calming pastime... Bringing order where there was best tip? Let go of perfectionism where ironing is concerned. And practice makes perfect- I keep telling myself.

I like piles of well ironed clothes, which I’m beginning to view as a calming pastime… Bringing order where there was chaos…my best tip? practice makes perfect- I keep telling myself.

Low maintenance ironing regime
In the winter as I wear a lot of jeans with wool/cashmere sweaters, there is No ironing needed. For a smart touch a carven ‘faux’ collar (immaculately pressed!) elevates the look, adding a much needed sharp edge and highlight colour. (More on highlights & colour palettes)

Saving on ironing time...

Faux collars: Saving on ironing time…

How to Iron clothes
My weakness is for for pristine, silk shirts – I machine wash them all in a net bag, at the end of the week. They need to be removed from the machine, the second the cycle is finished, and hang to dry naturally on a plastic hanger. My ironing time is late Friday afternoon or Sunday night, while watching tv, though nothing too exciting as getting distracted can be detrimental. (Ironing tips from the royals)
In the winter I wear those faux collars from carven so very quick to starch & iron.

Tips from the professionals and getting started. (Thank you Martha!)

Tips from the professionals and getting started. (Thank you Martha!)

Cashmere care washing & storing
Wardrobe maintenance: cashmere care

Wardrobe maintenance: perfect handbags


9 thoughts on “Wardrobe maintenance: well pressed clothes

  1. Pret a Porter P

    To be honest, I’m shocked that you iron!
    I am a steamer all the way. I never fold @ home! It’s either hanging or shoved into a drawer, and I steam it 5 seconds before I leave the house. The best one I had was a rowenta that lasted several years. But as all my electronics tend to die right before I leave for vacation, I settled for a cheapy conair, it’s not as sturdy but after 3 years it’s still getting the job done.

  2. silkpathdiary

    I really like ironing! Yes, even all the Mr’s shirts (I know you send yours out, right?). You’re in good company. Over the years I’ve eliminated over complicated garments so as not to torture myself so everything is practical and straightforward. There’s definitely the right technique so once mastered it’s easy.

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