How to carry (ridiculously) small hanbags. CHANEL 224

So I’ve done it again! Pretty sure you’ve done it too… Bought the unbelievably cute, tiny handbag for my imaginary lifestyle.

My own unbelievably cute, tiny bags, can usually just about take: keys, Oyster (travel) card, wallet and iPhone. If I am really clever with the packing, lipstick and hairbrush too. Which is fine because how much do I really need to carry around London?

It is a confession I have to make, I love small bags. They look elegant and smart so practicality be damned! Learn to live with less and we can save on the shoulder injuries.


Choosing a secondary bag
For those days when We need to carry the kitchen sink, files, proposals, umbrellas, cat food… As a last resort, when other editing has failed, I carry a secondary tote.
#This can be anything from the organic cotton shopper, a neutral le pliage, or even a full scale back pack. Why not after all? Just keep it clean & neat.
Keep the secondary bag, neutral so there is no logo clash overload. (Quelle horreur!) 
#Choose with care so it doesn’t look too Matchy-matchy. This kind of insane detail needs to look accidental, allowing the primary tiny bag to be the star of the show.

Jackie shows us all how to carry tiny bags with finesse, using an Hermes trim as a travel tote. Vintage bags are beautiful, often with superior craftsmanship as well as relatively inexpensive to buy.  They can be tiny and notoriously impractical for modern real life - the contemporary lady needs to carry more than a hair comp and a compact.

Jackie shows us all how to carry tiny bags with finesse, using an Hermes trim as a secondary tote. Vintage bags are beautiful, often with superior craftsmanship as well as relatively inexpensive to buy. Their tiny size makes them impractical for real life, but a secondary tote can come to the rescue.

those ridiculously impractical tiny bags- I simply love them and have trained myself to carry them…

Keep it non chalant, but consider the overall colour effect.

Keep it non chalant, but consider the overall colour effect.

Enjoy accessorising everyone!
© Ladysarahinlondon


17 thoughts on “How to carry (ridiculously) small handbags with finesse.

  1. gsl64

    Lady Sarah, I think it’s high time you ladies learned how to streamline. Your packing list for the mini sounded sensible for an afternoon and certainly an evening out when dolled up. This trend towards ever larger bags needs a corrective and the 2-bag option, matchy or not, just looks clumsy and doesn’t address the problem. Let those small sexy bags have the spotlight all to themselves as they really don’t need the “funny fat friend” co-star when the packing script is well written.

  2. Virginia

    Looks like you got the metallic camera bag, gorgeous! I completely agree with the second coordinating tote for all that does not fit in your lovely small bag. We have alot to carry!

  3. happyface313

    🙂 Oh, oh, now you touched another sore topic of mine… As much as I like pretty little bags – I can’t schlepp enough around in them and so I add to my shoulder pain very day when I go to work. Only during holidays or on weekends I can get by with your suggested little + big bag. Still, I like that combo very much.
    Have a nice evening 🙂

  4. CeeCeeMarie

    I can typically manage a small bag myself…it’s my husband’s keys and bits and bobs that make it difficult! I’ll have to take back the bag!

  5. KarenP

    Yes ! This is my approach as well. Using a cheaper bag to carry all the junk means that the smaller, expensive bag lasts longer.

  6. silkpathdiary

    We love what we love … and great that you made it work for you! I have to be much skeakier and use deceptively small bags. My medium Chanel double flap holds very, very little due to the double flap structure I believe so whilst it looks fine on the outside, it’s pretty impractical for me on a regular basis. And I refuse to start carrying a 2nd bag around unless I’m traveling.
    The sight of 2 reissue styles is making me go weak at the knees and wallet ….

  7. Pret a Porter P

    For most the of week: school, work, it’s just easier to carry one big tote. For work it’s more for bag checks and carrying my scarf to and from the car than it is for paper work. But on my volunteering days, I carry just a tiny reusable tote since all I need is lotion, water, umbrella (if needed), car keys, phone, and small notepad. Even though my pockets on my uniform are deep enough, I just don’t like the “weighed down” feeling.

    It’s not so much the size of bag but the width. My bags that are slim and more “flat” (like my clutch, even my laptop bag) rarely get used! Since the rounder objects like all the crap we think we need in those cosmetic pouches, gargantuan sunglasses cases, etc… really don’t fit. Your chanels and that gorgeous Kelly clutch have some width to them at least. And the pliages can hold a lot, I bought the size of your green for friends as gifts, and one has used hers practically everyday since xmas.


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