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Elegance is refusal

The autumn wardrobe update is looming upon us and after the budgeting post, there were questions asking about those all essential A/W14 closet additions.

Shopping for additions is always fun, though in reality, what is not in the wardrobe, is perhaps a better place to start:

what you will NOT find in my AW14 wardrobe.

Polyester or acrylic: I love natural fabrics that let skin breathe.
Did you know static from certain synthetic fabrics can actually make you feel tired?

Logo feast: ladies! We are not billboards. Why pay money to advertise others? I try to buy things for what they actually are, rather than focus on specific brands.  Have the go to brands- but keep logos invisible for the most part.

Anything from PRIMARK: I just don’t have the space to store poorly made items, and I want to look good all the time, not just sometimes. (I use PRIMARK as a general catch all, but really any of the super discount stores and their bottom line, those who have no respect for fashion, humans or the environment.)

Ratty underwear: though only because I just had a clear out…for a forthcoming post. Stay tuned.

Fake bags: come on – we are grown up ladies! I don’t mind teenagers with their grotesque fake CHANELs (though One may shudder at how they might have got hold of them) Drop the fake habit while still young. It gets increasingly uglier, plus no one knows where the money is going. Funding illegal activities of all sorts, even terrorism.

Real Fur: I love most things natural, but not fur. Toxic in its production, primitive & unnecessarily cruel. A disturbing trend, that really needs to end, so we can all move on.
The real price of a fur coat.

Snake skin/python/so called exotics: an ecological disaster in the making. That sort of trade is often connected with ivory goods and the near extinction of elephant species. Don’t care about the environment? You should, you live here you know.

Uncoordinated colours & orphan items: Variety is so overrated. I keep to a limited colour palette each season, and only keep items with real good quality finish.

Frumpy clothes from the last decade: need we say more?

Anything ridiculously uncomfortable or Super trendy: as teenagers, my sister & I, did every ludicrous fashion that you’ve ever heard of, (plus some you haven’t, and we are still trying to forget.) We live and learn, ladies – we live and learn.

Any skeletons in the wardrobe…
© Ladysarahinlondon

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10 thoughts on “Wardrobe maintenance: what you will not find inside my London closet.

      1. gsl64

        This prosecutor would charitably allow a plea bargain for ‘House Arrest’ if it were accompanied by a statement acknowledging all past misdeeds with genuine sorrow and affixing a tracking device to the cankle cushions that alert authorities if an escape is attempted.

  1. Virginia

    Excellent post Lady Sarah. With the exception of my fall/winter leggings which must have some stretch, I’m going all Cotton , linen, wool, and silk this season. No poly if I can help it, and, of course, no FUR!! I have all the living, breathing fur at home that a lady should need! Love to you and Lady Beatrice.

  2. Sue

    Hello, I think I might dare to leave a comment this time…I have only one thing on my list for autumn as I need to be really thrifty over the coming months (lots of other expenditure looms). I always feel much better when I have had a clearout. Most cathartic. (Unlike you I am afraid I do sell on Ebay). I try and keep to just two or three colours and step away from the prints, although I do love them. I used to buy Ghost clothes (compulsively) in the 90s: all gone now, thank goodness.Sue

  3. silkpathdiary

    Excellent! I’m always updating undies for someone in my household of 6 [does that sound odd? This time it’s my own :-)]. For the coming season ‘all’ I have to do is put together what I’d like to wear which is a combination of mostly my usual favourties and an eye on the beautiful longer lengths and luxe textures that seem to be the promise for the season.


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