London flat nightstand

The main problem with fantastic holidays is that eventually they do come to an end. Back in London, back to the flat , back to work and trying to readjust to real life. That includes work nightmares, late buses, large bills plus many other mundane things, marring my day.

On the bright side, the weather is beautiful and I missed lady Beatrice. My plants are nearly dead, but not quite, so I think made it home just on time. If you live in a small-ish flat, like mine, I cannot stress enough the joy of having houseplants.


The train journey back to London was quick and easy. Trains are so much more comfortable than planes, don’t you think? It’s not always possible to avoid flying but I try as much as I can. Less hassle with airport security, better seats and more overall dignity. We had a lovely glass of champagne at St Pancras on the way back.

Planning a post on my top things to do in London (for anyone on their way to visit London and would rather be a traveller rather than a tourist) and another one on underwear drawer organisation (that’s for anyone who wears underwear…Yes with photos…) Is that something to look forward to or not? Let me know if you have any London visitor requests.

Will resume as soon as fully recovered form the shock of 5 star deprivation.
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11 thoughts on “Après holiday lady Sarah…

  1. happyface313

    🙂 Aw, welcome back to reality!
    Hope your holidays were beautiful and something to remember – the weekend is just around the corner…that will hopefully give you some time to adjust 🙂 xo

  2. amidprivilege

    Big yes to London visitor request. Top 3 walking neighborhoods to see London as lived by natives? Top 3 shopping neighborhoods? Top 3 museums including one that’s not so well-known? And, is Buckingham Palace really worth a visit? Thank you!

  3. Virginia

    And I’m sure Lady Beatrice missed you too! Glad your weather is nice, it makes coming back to realities a bit better, maybe? I believe the lady above listed several very good suggestions, and I look forward to the lingerie post!


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