Bonjour! One of the things I look forward to when I travel, is those impeccably served hotel breakfasts. So very civilised, all that impossibly crisp white linen, the aromatic strong cafe a la creme…divine! image

Simple french breakfast, proper fresh croissants, strong cafe a la creme, plain yogurt & juice....

Simple french breakfast, proper butter croissants, strong cafe with real cream, plain yogurt & fresh, organic, juice… When we travel it’s such a luxury! We always opt for the local breakfast rather than English or American options.image
… there is also a little courtyard in case we get good weather. Love the sound of trickling water.
The room itself is delightful. My aim is to have a leisurely hotel breakfast, enjoying the surroundings, before setting of for the daily adventure. That’s what holidays are for, after all…sit back and take it all in!


Some beautiful architecture, distinctly district french flavour? We don't get buildings like this in London. I love the balconies, but cannot help wondering what the flats inside those grande places are like. Anyone knows?

Some beautiful architecture, with distinctly french flavour? We don’t get buildings like this in London. I love the balconies, but cannot help wondering what the flats inside those grande places are like. Anyone knows?

There are a few places I always like to go to, during Paris visits. My Paris fashion & beauty obsessions coming in the next post. We spend just one night in our beloved L’Hotel (post here) before continuing the rest of the trip.


Do you have a favourite hotel breakfast? I am also fascinated by traditional breakfasts round the world. Would love to know what everybody has for breakfast. I know there are readers from far away places, so dear Japanese blog readers please get in touch.


13 thoughts on “Bonjour: breakfast in Paris

  1. Virginia

    I have only eaten American style breakfasts, and as unhealthy as they often are I love them. Sausage (turkey to save a bit of fat), potatoes, eggs, toast! Also breakfasts with Mexican inspiration (tortillas, beans, chilies) in addition to the previously listed goodies are very popular. Not to mention pancakes and waffles, bacon and ham! No wonder we’re so chunky!! Croissants and yogurt sounds just right for a busy day of vacationing. Great photos, would love to see what one of those penthouse apartments looks like inside too.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Also a fun of American breakfasts! Some of them are like roman banquets and I never know, shall I have the pancakes with blueberries, or the egg scramble or the other delicious things! Or a bit of everything? The only thing that stops me is that if I have a busy day, can’t really handle a lot of food.

  2. Pret a Porter P

    The breakfast looks delicious with a beautiful ambiance.
    I have no class, so I like waffles and what I call hotel scrambled eggs. Someone told me it’s some kind of just add water mix, but whatever it is, I love it. I’m horrible at making eggs.

  3. GeorgiaGirl67

    I’ve never been out of the U.S., and usually when traveling — which I don’t do much of — I stay in hotels with free breakfast (usually continental) or condos with full kitchens to cook in order to save money. Only go out for dinner. I have, however, stayed at Embassy Suites (hotel chain) twice, where they serve a free full made-to-order breakfast that is delish with plenty of options. Nothing fancy, but tasty. As for what I have, it depends on where I’m staying as listed above.

    Your breakfast sounds lovely. I wish I had the money to stay in places like that. Sadly, I don’t.

  4. Valentine

    all Americans don’t eat a large breakfast. some of us eat homemade breads and jam with coffee and milk and fresh juice just like the fare we enjoy while traveling in Europe!

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Yes- it’s the same with English breakfast, (fried eggs, fatty bacon, beans on toast…) it’s not what we really eat every day, heavens we’d die if we did. 🙂 In hotels though if you are british they usually ask if you want a full English breakfast. In hot places, like a recent visit to Morocco, that can actually kill you…I felt sorry for the tourists who went for it.

  5. Coulda shoulda woulda

    As I get older I tell the husband breakfast is much more a treat than dinner. I do wish London had more brunch places but then again I am being picky…I adore Austrian ones in the country that are not the Mayr of course with their five types of butter etc. but Asian breakfasts are the one for me as they don’t discrimanate and have spice first thing!

  6. Scaramouche

    Gorgeous room! Hotel breakfasts are a treat, especially when there is a lovely dining room. When I stay in Japan and order a Japanese-style breakfast I usually get a variation on rice, miso soup, fish and some pickles. In Myanmar people often have soup for breakfast and in Myanmar I had one of my favourite hotel breakfasts at a beachside hotel (lovingly recorded on my blog). The chef was excellent and had a variety of western and Burmese style items. I particularly remember the deep-fried shallots with fondness. In Bali they offered eggs or banana or pineapple pancakes. The setting is so important. In Myanmar we ate sitting ocean-side watching the fishermen come in with their catches. In Bali we ate in an open-air dining room overlooking verdant rice terraces. In Morocco we sat on the rooftop terrace of our riad in the morning sunshine drinking the freshest orange juice EVER.

    I am going to the Philippines in a couple weeks and have been promised some spectacular hotel breakfasts.

  7. Sandra Robbins

    In Australia we still have the English style ‘fry up’s’ but mostly breakfast out is a variation on avocado on toast with feta cheese, tomato etc. You can get great fresh food combo’s. of course our coffee is the best


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